Saturday, May 2, 2009

Website: The Home Gunsmith

Great Britain has some of the most odious gun laws in the civilized world. Those who would impose a modern form of slavery upon a rightfully free people have done as much as possible to remove the tools of self defense, or rebellion (in some instances synonymous) from the hands of the people.

After firearms were effectively removed from the reach of the average British subject ( personally, I think no man should ever be a subject), violent crime increased as those who always refused to obey the law continued to use firearms to engage in their illegal acts. It's funny how criminals just never seem to obey the law, isn't it?

The more common criminal who has found himself without access to a gun has resorted to using edged weapons. The response from the British government has been to try and restrict knife and sword ownership. They've also considered instituting curfews to address the same issue.

All of these laws have met with the same amount of success. Total, and abject failure.

Fortunately there is one guy over there who refuses to knuckle under, and I'd like you all to pay a visit to his site. Some of his weapons designs have been reposted all over the web, but I'd like him to get credit for his work.

I'm all for a guy who tells you how to build a gun from parts you can get at The Home Depot.

Take a look at The Home Gunsmith


Bullseye said...

Thanks for the link Catman, I'n heading over there now. I love homebrew guns. Thanks man.

Code Name "Bullseye"

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Damnit, Catman, You KNEW I'd be a sucker for this...
That's why i LOVE ya, man!!!LOL!!!

Hey, how's the missus feelin'? Hope all is good there.. I worry when someone says "feeling bad" then I don't see traffic for a few...

Best in everything, m'man...

Catman said...

Hey Bullseye, you gotta love a guy who says on his page,

"There are over 550 million firearms
in worldwide circulation; that's one
firearm for every twelve people.
The only question is;
how do I arm the other eleven?"


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