Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dangers Of "Hip-Hop" Violence

I nearly vomited when I read this piece in The Rolling Stone.

"Akon Talks Slain Protege Dolla At Anti-Gun Violence Meeting" I must admit when this headline scrolled across my screen, I had no idea what it meant. I clicked on it to read the article because of the "anti-gun" portion of the headline.

I'm always curious about what the screwballs out there are saying. Especially those who are convinced that guns commit random acts of violence without a human somehow being responsible.

Are there any English teachers out there? Would you please drag the author of the atrocious Rolling Stone headline off stage by his ear and savagely beat him with a trash can lid?

This isn't a "gun" thing. It's a hip-hop thing.

I think we can safely bet that many Country and Rock artists own firearms. The Nuge is well known for his uncompromising stance on the Second Amendment.

How many of you have gone to see George Strait and been involved in a gun battle? Toby Keith? AC/DC? KISS? Puddle Of Mudd? Slayer? Megadeth? Anthrax? Cannibal Corpse?

Thought so.

How many of these artists have you seen in the news attempting to gun down competing artists? Dang, I guess that means The Dixie Chicks are safe....for now, until Akon moves over to Country.

Can you imagine the opera stars (extremely tempermental according to popular perception) letting the lead fly? Stitching the backdrop on stage with a full auto Beretta 92FS? How about a new version of Romeo And Juliette where they trade shots between the balcony and the courtyard?

This isn't a "gun" problem.

It isn't a "gun-violence" problem.

It is a "culture" problem. If you can really call "hip-hop" a "culture".

Since it is a "culture" problem, that means it is a "people" problem.

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