Friday, May 1, 2009

We Will Prevail: Enough Guns Bought To Outfit The Chinese And Indian Armies

Gun confiscation? Ha! Let them try!

New data shows that Americans have legally purchased enough firearms to outfit the armies of China and India. This was done in just the FIRST 3 months of 2009.

I would have loved to have seen Sarah Brady's face when this news crossed her desk! The woman looks like Morocco Mole on her best days, I can just imagine what she looked like then!

These numbers do not take into account kits, and unfinished receivers (completed receivers are classified by the BATF as a firearm). Not to mention folks who are hobbyists who do not need to register the weapons they make unless they transfer them.

The question remains, does everyone have the will and training to use them effectively and against the proper foe. That will remain to be seen.

Check out the data at AmmoLand.

Of course, the The Evil Empire Of The Potomac has realized this, and thus we have seen efforts by them to deny ammunition to the American public. This is the next battlefront people. What good is a car if there isn't any gasoline? What good is a gun without any ammunition?

Watch carefully what Obama and his thugs put into play, and make plans for possibly having to reload your own spent brass.


ErinAndBrad said...

Hehehehe - I posted this one too! Yep, we are armed for dern sure. Just try to take them - NEVER!

Bullseye said...

HAHAHA!!! Great stuff CAt, I love it. Looks like Obammy really is the FireArm Salesman of the Year. I got 2, 5gal buckets of spent 9mm brass. I'm just not a reloader, not yet anyway. Good post brother Cat.

Code Name "Bullseye"

HermitJim said...

Bet those figures rattled a few cages in the proper spots! Maybe now they will realize just what they are facing as far as a willing foe.

Don't Mess With Bubba!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hmm... a "hobbyist"...

You guys are a GOLDMINE of information, man! Er, men he!

Let's see them try and make me resort to "reloading" an MDMA-tipped compound bow arrow...
I'm callin' it a clash of boi-warfare interbred with the 60's mindset HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Ken said... #s don't reflect purchases made on a CCW either,so i guess they're extremely underestimated...

Catman said...

KEN! Thanks for stopping by! We wer wondering if you were okay!