Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Possible Confirmation Of Mythic FEMA Camps?

For the past ten to fifteen years, many of us have heard of the "RED" and "BLUE" lists as well as the rumored existence of FEMA camps.

If one does a search at any of the prominent web search portals, various documents, photos, and videos are available. Unfortunately, most of these offerings aren't exactly convincing proof. In point of fact, many of them reference each other as valid sources, which leads the diligent seeker of truth in a very wide circle.

Not to mention some very serious misidentification of innocuous installations. About ten miles from where I live is a ConAgra plant. They can Rosarita beans, and make the RO*TEL line of products there. There's a video of it on YouTube. I've recently done some upgrades to their CCTV system at the site, and if that is a camp, everyone would simply be able to walk away. The fence doesn't even encircle the entire property.

Personally, I think some of this has been intentional disinformation in order to get people to stop paying attention to those of us wearing the nice shiny hats.

Then this hits The New York Times. "Obama Is Said to Consider Preventive Detention Plan"

Now people will read this and think, "Oh, he's talking about terrorists, and Guantanamo Bay."

Wake up and pay attention.

Remember just a couple of weeks ago when Napolitano was calling just about everyone out there not kissing the asses and licking the boots of Obama and his cadre of totalitarian thugs "Terrorists"? Yes, that means you and I are "terrorists" in the eyes of the government.

One of the most chilling lines in the article is, “He was almost ruminating over the need for statutory change to the laws so that we can deal with individuals who we can’t charge and detain,” one participant said.

So, it appears that we possibly have confirmation of their plan to gut the Constitution entirely. Right now, it is fairly difficult for them to charge and detain those of us who haven't broken any laws. We overtly and vehemently disagree with the government's actions on just about every level, but this isn't a crime....yet.

Now, before too many of you start saying that this is a bunch of hogwash, think very carefully about the things that have changed in your lifetimes (depending on your age).

My wife's grandmother has seen things go from cars that went just a few miles per hour to those capable of traveling on roads in excess of 160 MPH. She's seen steamships disappear from the seas, and people travel to the moon. Newspapers have begun to disappear while images and text are flashed around the globe in milliseconds before her eyes.

She's watched the League Of Nations come and go. She's watched The United Nations replace it, and now begin to demand the authority to tax everyone on the planet and maintain an army.

She's watched the Income Tax come to pass, and every other onerous piece of Freedom stealing legislation take the form of Law.

She saw dictators rise, and people suffer and die beneath their heel.

History does have a way of repeating itself, if you live long enough to see it.

1934 anyone?


APN said...

I already told you this, but I dont need any convincing, I know they are real...I delivered the damn boots and T-Shirts less than a couple hundred miles from where you live...They have Stockpiles of way more than enough boots and t-shirts for the entire military....Way more...And all in one location...these boots and t-shirts were not intended for the military and they were not intended for a Wal-mart distribution center...Nope, no convincing needed for me, saw evidence with my own eyes

APN said...

Oh, almost forgot to mention, I seen quite a few more of those "car hauler" trains too since last time I talked to you...You know the brand new ones that haven't even been painted yet...Funny how they are making more car hauler trains than cars..Especially in an economy where GM, Ford and Chrysler are going out of business

Catman said...

Hey Tom,

I'm with you on the whole detention facility thing. Somehow, I get the idea that most people can't see Gleichschaltung (if you don't know what this is, read this http://www.history-ontheweb.co.uk/concepts/concept72_gleichschaltung.htm)happening right before our eyes.

People were loaded on railcars, and transported to detention facilities where they were incarcerated, enslaved and murdered.

I can not understand how people can look around them, and just bury their heads.

APN said...

Thanks for the link my friend. It's sickening people don't realize it...We're even calling these things FEMA Camps...That paints too pretty of a picture. Federal Emergency Management Association Camps...What's so wrong with that? That's the government trying to help us in an emergency right? Wrong! I'll tell you what's wrong with it, we should be calling these things for what they are...Concentration Camps, Gulags, forced Labor camps.