Monday, May 4, 2009

New NBC Show To Air: Day One

Tentative Air Date: January 2010

I generally don't watch alot of television, but once in awhile something that could be good fun comes along. I enjoyed "Jericho", a CBS production, while it ran. This production strikes me as something akin to Jericho.

The premise of the show is that some type of "global event" has happened, and taken down the world's infrastructure. It chronicles the events surrounding a group of apartment dwellers from Van Nuys, California.

NBC's home page for the show is located here.

Below is a behind the scenes production shot. Additional videos can be viewed at the NBC website referenced above.

NBC plans on having viewers submit video to be featured on a video wall, and potentially be featured on air.

If we're all still around in 2010, this might be something fun for all of us who have this mindset.

I'm always very curious about the timing of the release of some of these shows. It seems almost like someone (or something) is trying to prime the consciousness of the public at large.

Think of "Jericho" which detailed the aftermath of a nuclear attack on American Soil. We've all heard the "rumors" of suitcase and pocket nukes being smuggled across our southern border either by sea or through the network of tunnels that transverse the empty spaces between dwellings in Tijuana and San Diego for example. In the show, China was shown air dropping aid packets to hapless American citizens.

Now, we have stories being trotted out where the Taliban may gain control of nukes if Pakistan falls, and how China's power on the world stage has eclipsed that of The United States.

I'm not worried about Pakistan. India is, and they're right next door to Pakistan. If Pakistan's government falls, I'd almost be willing to wager that there will either be a swift Indian incursion to take control of the nuclear weapons depots, or a first strike before the Taliban can solidify their command and control authority over the military. Then there's the story of Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud who says that he will launch an attack on Washington DC that will "Amaze The World".

It is curious that "Jericho" had developed a fairly sizeable fan base, and the ratings were increasing, and yet CBS killed the show. Perhaps the initial ratings were all that mattered at the time, because arguably it shows that most Americans at that time were still asleep even in post 911 times. They'd rather watch mind numbing things like "American Idol".

Last July, during a hearing before the House Armed Services Committee , William R. Graham, chairman of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack and the former national science adviser to President Reagan, testified that America is extremely vulnerable to an EMP attack.

Kim Jong Il has been trying to get one up (missile that is) recently and has made progress.

Iran has the bomb, allegedly. Israel isn't happy about that fact. Iran continues to bait Israel, and eventually, Ahmadinejad is going to wake up and smell the burning cities around him.

I have to wonder, if these shows are being floated out there to test the reaction of the American public. Or maybe to keep people yawning, because they've all heard it before. Take for instance how many people have failed to react to the maybe non-event of a possible first wave of a pandemic flu.

Of course, in September we will learn if it was in actuality a non-event, or if it was the harbinger of the arrival of the Horsemen.

Is our continual yawning and dismissive behavior our Pavlovian Response? Do we have a Pavlovian Response? What has our Pavlovian Conditioning wrought?


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Catman-- Ever see the show "Smith"?

So goddarned good, I ken the PTB yanked it-- it disappeared inside of 5 episodes.. no reason, nor rhyme-- just GONE.

Sounds like I may needs but, beg, borrow or steel a boob-toob to take a gander @...

Thanks, Catman!!! As always...

Catman said...

I watched Smith. There were too many plots and subplots going on. Not sure what you saw that maybe interested the PTB, care to elaborate?

All the info for the episodes, including the unaired ones, are available here:;more

ErinAndBrad said...

Interesting Cat, very very interesting. I may have to check it out if we still have TVs and power then. Doubtful but who knows with this bunch of luci's running the globe!

Humble wife said...

Jericho was a wonderful show. I only just watched it with my family...we had to watch 1 dvd per day until we watched it all.

I find it impossible to believe it was not a good show. In fact I was completely shocked at the quick wrap up and that all things were fine.

Oh well...idol is still on~sigh~

Bullseye said...

Good observation Cat, you got your Cat eyes on the world. Good job. 24 is another show that I really enjoy. They seem to have plots that follow closely (almost too close) recent events. I wonder too about movies on the big screen. The ones about comets hitting the earth and such, are they wanting to see and hear our thoughts on such an event? Maybe I just wonder too much about too many things. Oh well, at least I got my tinfoil hat on now, gas mask too........LOL

Code Name "Bullseye"

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

thanks for the links, cat.

just I recall , as an "ex"felon, mind you, the excellent planning... rob an armored truck-- the media laughs b/c you only stole "coupons". They aren't allowed to tell of the GPS unit whence was the REAL purpose of the heist...

Next week? No SHOW. Literally.

Just my $0.02

APN said...

yet another show I wont be able to see. I get about 2 hours a month of TV viewing while out on the road....All on Youtube. Oh, thanks for the Art Bell CD's. I forgot to mention that again last time I saw ya. My Radio, CD player and MP3 player are about all the entertainment I get, besides the blogs, learning how to make homemade weapons, grenades and booby traps, and reading about mayberry's rants...anyway, keep me updated on the show.

APN said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, good possibility I might be back through CA in a couple days...I'll buy ya lunch