Thursday, January 22, 2009

American Preppers Network

I met Tom Martin with American Preppers Network today for lunch. He happened to be out here in California, and I was at a job about twenty miles away. So, I drove over and he had a massive Guacamole Burger, and I had a BLT.

We sat down and discussed his vision for all of our cooperatively linked Prepper sites. I happen to be the host for California Preppers Network. We both agree that this groundswell of average people can become a potent force on the net and in the real world.

IF you happen to be visiting from a foreign country, please consider starting a Prepper's Network in your home nation. Canada already is home to the Canadian Preppers Network. If you do start a Prepper site, PLEASE let us know so that we can add you into our list!

If you're in a foreign country and need a reason to start a Prepper network, it's simple. Just look at recent events in Iceland, Greece, Bulgaria, China, just to name a few. The people at the top of the social hierarchy only care about what you can give them to support their existence. They don't care about you as an individual. They don't care about your family. They don't care about your neighbors and your friends.

When they point at all the social programs and "progress" and tell you what they've done for you, stop and think for a second. They didn't do it. You did. It was your money, your efforts, your labor. They didn't do anything except take credit and a good chunk of the money.

And then realize what all of those programs and "progress" are in reality just "bread and circuses" to keep you mollified.

Think about that, and think about how terribly wrong things can go in our automated and connected world. Do you want to rely on those people to save your hide? It's time to put ideology aside and realize it is just another mechanism by which those at the top control you. It's time to think for yourself, and take control of your existence.

Right now, the Preppers Networks are moving to the top of Google when one types in the search term "prepper". So, get on board as soon as you can! We hope to be improving our visiblity as Tom creates a number to metatags to insert into our various blog page's html code.

IF you are in the United States, there are a number of states that still need someone to run the individual state blog pages. If you're up to the challenge, step forward, we'd be glad to have you! Just visit the American Preppers Network, and check which states are still open. If your state has a coordinator, drop him or her a note and let them know you'd like to participate. We're building a team in each of these states. Eventually we'd like to see states organize into subchapters to work at the local level in getting people to take control of their own existence.

Also, we're looking for Ham Radio Operators out there to participate. If you're a ham, and want a chance to build a new group emphasizing preparedness for disasters, rather than just reacting to them, now is your chance! Come join me, KG6NWA, in working at this from the ground up! Yeah, I know some of you old timers will sneer at my no-code tech rating, but I'm working toward my general! Time for a "Ham Cram" soon!

If you're an old CW fan, jump over here to the Croatian Telegraphy Club, go on over even if you're not a CW fan! Join up! Keep CW alive!

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