Thursday, January 8, 2009

We're hated and feared. Thank God! That means we're right!

Check out this WIRED piece on the Air Force's Counter Blog Marching Orders.

Usually governments ignore people on the "fringe" because they usually just self destruct because of their own nutty behavior.

When government agencies actually engage the "fringe" in an effort to discredit them, that is a sign that people aren't nutty at all, and the government is fearful that what is being said will resonate with people and gain traction.

I especially like the "monitor only" option where they notify "HQ".

Now granted, this is designed to address negative comments against the Air Force in online forums, but do you really believe the Air Force is the only one engaged in this type of firefighting?

How many of you get visitors that come through proxies? Dot Gov? Dot Mil?

We're all being monitored. Like it scares us.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hey! Ain't it nice; why, who'd a thunk the Air Farce cared?
You're right, though, and that's why they do..

Shy Wolf said...

You mean there are some out here who don't have tinfoil hats yet? OOPS!
Seriously- nothing is sacred any longer. Too bad for America, it was nice knowing you.

Catman said...

Shy Wolf,

We ain't dead yet. Remember how hard our former countrymen, the British, tried to keep us reigned in. Didn't work for the.

We're a stubborn lot.