Friday, January 16, 2009

HEY MOM! Watch this!

You know those words. You also know what happens after some idiot says those words.

The idiots that have been saying these words are the Republicans and the Democrats in this state.

Yessiree Bob! This is sure going to be interesting!

My home state, California, will be out of money in two weeks. Broke. That's hilarious as the CIA Fact Book rates California as the tenth largest economy in the world. Thirteen percent of the United States gross domestic product is generated here. That's about $1.7 trillion dollars.

And we're broke.

The fact is, the state isn't broke. The money has been squandered by the useless pieces of crap that roam the halls of the state capitol. No one wants to actually look at the fact that it isn't a fiscally sound policy to systematically loot every business and taxpayer in order to fund, at ever increasing levels, pet projects, feel good "Look how nice of a person I am" Liberal set asides, and various wealth re-distribution schemes.

The coddling of prisoners is infuriating. The half of the state prison population who are here illegally are enjoying three squares, cable TV, maid and laundry services, medical services, conjugal visits, and an on site spa and health club. Damnit! We have a border with Mexico! Do like the conservationists do! Tag them and throw them back across the border! Have the state send someone down to see how Sheriff Joe Arpaio does it down in Maricopa County. That would be a real money saver!

There's a cheap way to keep those prisoners from sneaking back across the border. We don't have to spend millions on a fence from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf Of Mexico.

Mines. Put land mines all along the border. Anti-tank, and anti-personnel mines. Cost effective, and an excellent deterrent. It would put Americans back to work building American mines for the American border.

You notice how the CIA rates us as the TENTH largest economy. We used to be third. You know who is number three now?


In 2006, we were the sixth largest economy. In three years we've slid four spots in the rankings. We'll keep on sliding as the scum at the state level continue to try and steal more and more from us taxpayers and business owners.

And the people and the businesses who can, leave. And more will be following as the Democrats continue to insist on sticking us citizens with an additional $18 BILLION in new taxes.

Hello you stupid idiots! DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU get less money in taxes? It's because you keep raising them!

You know what everyone out there is screaming about now? Oh, they'll have to stop school lunches.

For a nearly a hundred years, American kids walked uphill both to and from school through six foot high snow drifts in the blazing heat of June, and there weren't school lunches waiting for them.

Did we see the emaciated corpses of children dotting the paths to those hallowed halls of learning? I see no mention of it in our historical records.

My mom used to recycle back in the 60s and 70s before it became the "in thing". Remember those paper sacks that frozen food got bagged in? That's what I carried my lunch in. I didn't have any of the fancy Star Trek or Starsky And Hutch lunchboxes.

I had a paper sack.

A recycled paper sack.

I didn't get a catered meal at my school. Yeah, take a look at the lunch menu here if you don't believe me. It's a PDF you'll have to open.

I had a recycled paper sack.

That recycled paper sack contained a peanutbutter sandwich. A smashed banana. And one of those awful drinks that came in those little plastic bottles that looked like a dwarven milk bottle. If you didn't click on the link and look at the menu, do you want to guess what they had on the 12th of this month?

You'll never guess.

How does "Wheat Penne Pasta with meat sauce, fresh fruit, and breadsticks" sound?

Take a look at the rest of the menu. Swedish meatballs, anyone?

Everyone start chanting "paper sack! paper sack!" We all know it's the only thing between a politician's legs.

Oh, boo hoo! The crass and rude people you find at the window of the Department of Motor Vehicles aren't going to get paid! They'll get I.O.U.s instead. Too bad. If you clowns had more than two windows open at a time while the rest of you stood at the back gabbing, I might have some sympathy.

Now they're threatening to give I.O.U.s to people receiving unemployment. Now that is something I do not understand. There have been more people paying into that program than have taken from it. I know for myself, I've been paying into for thirty years, and have never taken anything out. Where is all that money?

One cool thing is the idiots who caused this won't get paid either. I think they all need to be fired and do some serious jail time. Fraud. Malfeasance. Misrepresentation. Perjury.

Oh, the poor will not get their welfare checks and food stamps. The illegal aliens won't get their WIC, free medical care and translators. Too bad. The growing season is coming. Head on out to the farms, they'll be hiring field hands. Don't worry. The landmines will keep most of your competition at bay.

Cops won't get paid. That's fine. If they stay home, my neighbors and I will be fine. We can dispense the law with copious amounts of lead followed up by a shovel and a shallow grave for people who think we're an easy mark. If it gets really bad, we'll use them to make soap.

If civil unrest starts here, the rest of you out there need to think about slamming your hatches shut.

I know in many parts of this country, people look at Californians through the filter presented by popular media. Some people think we're all like Paris Hilton, Nancy Pelosi or the clowns you see at San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade.

Most of us are anything but. And we're tired of having our backs against the wall.


HermitJim said...

Right on, my brother! About time that some of the clowns at the helm of these sinking ships got a real look at the world according to the PEOPLE!

You can only push people so far before they start to dig in and push back!

Brick said...

As for our backs against the wall and pushing back...If a Constitutional civil awakening occurs along the lines of what's written in the Declaration of Independence; what side will the US military and other sworn civil servants fall on? Yes, the Tree of Liberty must occasionally be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots, but there is another option.

Simply walking away from the current Republic.

I think given the current schism in political ideologies (the providers vs. the takers) and no sight of unity on the horizon that it might be in a state's best interest to ultimately part ways with the Republic. The strong can survive without the weak, however the converse is not true. And really, aside from $$ what benefits are conferred to states via the Federal Gov't?

In fact, without the threat of withholding $$, how many laws would states actually embrace as "good" legislation? Legislation is a serious business and in my opinion it should ultimately be decided yay or, nay solely on its own merits and NEVER under threat of having $$ withheld if NOT enacted or enforced.

My 2¢

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Only thing I fear is, those who made the laws WILL get paid. They'll find a way, somehow.

IOU's to the unemployed... Gotta be the most asinine thing I ever heard.

I like the land mine idea, especially as I work in the sheet metals industry now... Toss them bids our way!

Great rant, Catman.

Hey- I STILL eat my lunch out of a recycled paper sack (but I gotta tell ya, it's hell getting the bologna samich in the 12-oz. ghetto coozies...)

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hey Cat-- My blog reader lists the same title for HermitJim's site. too strange... Was it you or the hermit (or bullseye?) who recently did the Mexico post? Gonna go find out...

Catman said...

Hi Jim, Brick and Cygnus!

I did this post just before I went to bed. Angry, frustrated, and feeling that last nerve tightening up like a guitar string. You just know its going to break.

I posted four times yesterday. Thank the Lord for blogging. I can't afford a shrink.

Brick brings up an interesting point. If we don't give the PTB our money, how much control will they have over us?

Well, that is the issue for them. People like us, they have minimal control over us. We don't depend on them for much of anything.They want us to fall in line with the rest of the sheep out there bleating angry indignation in their pens. Powerless to do anything about it.

We have to find a way to stampede the sheep. I think that's the only way we'll manage to topple the PTB.

shinerbock said...

You took the words right out of my mouth, I was just saying the same thing to the wife yesterday... tag them and throw them back! If they get caught commiting a crime in the states after that, well bullets are a hell of alot cheaper than jails.