Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vote For The Nobody

Last night, in saying farewell to 3% 4 Freedom, I tried to explain how angry I am and my absence.

The post highlighted a few of the idiots running for office, and I didn't even touch on the Democrat candidates for governor. My favorite is former governor "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown.

Uh, yeah. The Once And Future King. Sort of. Not really.

Those of you who were here in California from 1975 to 1983 remember those days of Linda Ronstadt hanging out with Moonbeam and even taking a trip to Africa. Oh, it wasn't all fun and games here in the Golden Shower State. Cities started losing military bases and shipyards started to close. Breweries and coffee roasting plants closed up shop. Any of you remember when Folgers roasted coffee in San Francisco and Falstaff brewed beer almost next door? Smog laws, gun laws, and all kinds of restrictions, like car pool lanes, came out of his terms in office. None of them made California a better place to live.

Jerry Brown has sealed away his records from his previous incarnation as governor under a law he, himself, enacted.

Open government. Transparency. Sure. I think the only way we're ever going to get a window into the government is when someone uses a large caliber rifle to make a "window" in a politician.

It would appear that the electorate is again being presented with a preselected list that makes the corporate "anointed one" jump off the page as a "savior" a "champion for the little guy", the obvious choice for the sheep to flock to. A nicely packaged Judas Goat to lead the populace to slaughter.

It frustrates me to no end that all these people who wanted "Change" and "Hope" and woke up the next morning to find that they had been hornswoggled are once again paying attention to the Pied Piper media personalities extolling the virtues of the "overlooked" candidates from the previous go round.

If Palin and McCain had gotten into office, do you really think the bailouts and giveaways wouldn't have happened? McCain was instrumental in the Savings and Loan Scandal of the 1980s. Just check out the Keating Five. In the end, the US Taxpayers doled out around $125 Billion dollars in what today is called TARP. $125 Billion in 1985 is equal to around $257 Billion today.

Back then the US taxpayers got a race horse with syphilis and a kitty litter mine as collateral when we were fleeced. Today we're getting empty malls in exchange for being raped. I'm really up in the air as to which is the better deal.

The fact of the matter is this, nearly every single rat bastard in elected office is dirty, crooked, corrupt, impure, stained, tainted or however you want to say it.

Don't re-elect them. If you're not sure who is in what office, they make it easy. The word "incumbent" usually appears near their name.

If you see a name that you recognize on a ballot, you know the name because its been in the media. Skip over it and go to the next one. Hey, I know. It could be the guy saved a bus load of kids and somehow that just doesn't come to mind when you're looking at the name.

It could also be because he's like Marion "The Bitch Set Me Up" Barry.

If you don't remember, Marion Barry was mayor of DC in 1990 when he was arrested on drug charges.

You have to wonder how deep the incest and the insanity born of incest runs in Washington DC. Barry served six months in a federal pen for drug related crimes, was released and re-elected mayor of DC! He still serves as a councilman even though he is a convicted felon and doesn't have the right to vote!

If you come across a name on a ballot and have absolutely no idea who it is, vote for him or her. He or she couldn't afford air time. That's a plus. The liberals and the conservative pundits in the media didn't love the guy or gal. That's a plus. No established politico or organization paraded him or her about. That is a real plus.

No strings on him or her.

Let's face it, politics can't get any worse. Take a chance.

Remember when politicians start talking about average people running for office and the fact that these people don't have any experience, "lack of experience" is code for "they don't owe anyone favors".


Ken said...

...its just that not enuff people vote...example here locally,a town of twentyfive hundred voted our /their mayor with a total ballots cast of elevenhundred...too few people making the decisions 15% makin the 85% miserable...despite my preconceived notion voter results are rigged,i still do my best/worst to vote

Good to have ya back

Catman said...

Good to be back, Ken.

2500 people, how many of them are eligible to vote? 1100 seems a pretty good turnout if you figure in kids and others who may not be eligible to vote.

As to it being rigged? You'd have to survey all the voters to determine that.