Thursday, February 25, 2010

If I Was A REAL Terrorist...

A few like minded people and I were discussing the "War On Terror" and it became clear to all of us, even to those who initially expressed doubt, that the whole thing is a giant psy-ops game.

There isn't a war on "terror".

There's a war on "freedom".

We are the descendants of outcasts from nations all around the world. Countries across Europe, Africa, and Asia sent their worst here. Their most undesirable. Those who refused to conform to the conventions of a "civilized" Europe were sent here. Those whose African tribes were not strong enough to defend themselves were rounded up by slavers and sent here. Those in Asia who were not in favor came here seeking refuge.

Our forefathers toiled, sacrificed, and died to hand us this land of unparalleled riches. When a small enclave of relative civilization was carved out with the help of Native Americans, those who had cast our brethren out followed to reap, for themselves, the wealth promised by this bountiful land.

In time, the wealthy families of Europe, the connected, those who acted as an extension of the governments of Europe began to enact laws to force those who had built this place in the wilderness to conform, to hand over greater shares of their wealth, to bend a knee to those who had banished them.

And they said, "No".

Over two hundred years have passed, and the great houses of Europe have never forgotten how a motley bunch of peasants had bested their armies, and wrested control of an entire continent away from their grasping, greedy hands.

And they have tried ever since to bring us to heel.

Have you ever paid attention to how those who hold high office in this land are related to each other, whether they be Democrat or Republican? Have you paid attention to how they are often related to the royal families of Europe?

Do you see how the ultra-wealthy, the politically connected, and royalty always seem to pal around at summits? Even when, publically, they're at each other's throats? How much goes on in private that we, the common folk, are never permitted to see? There's nothing like good theater.

Have you given any thought to the laws that are passed and how those laws restrict you, but not them, or their agents?

Your Miranda Rights were just diluted. Again. If you didn't know, read here. Who has automatic weapons? Who has Tazers? Who has LRAD? Who has ADS? Who can take someone and make them disappear without a trial?

Doesn't it all seem just a bit familiar if you have read just a small amount about how feudalism works? The stratification of society? The privileged classes?

When the American people were getting ready to force their "representatives" to move in for the final kill of Obamacare, who pops up? The "underwear" bomber. Zip. No more coverage of Obamacare, but here comes a whole host of new controls at airports.

But there's a whole lot of questions surrounding this guy who set his pants on fire, and just how he got on the plane. And who the people were that put him on the plane. And those questions have gone unanswered, and the story has been pushed aside.

And here comes Obamacare again, off the ropes and not a whole lot in the news either.

Let's face it. These "terrorists" haven't done much since 9-11. In fact, as the controversy continues to swirl around the whole thing about who ultimately was responsible, I think the black ops people are afraid to make a move.

Americans are a tenacious lot, and there are too many tracks in the dust. Eventually someone is going to follow the right set back to exactly what happened.

If I were a REAL terrorist, and bent on creating havoc in this nation, I wouldn't bother with trying to get a suicide bomber on a plane. I'd just walk into an air terminal carrying a backpack loaded with explosives and leave it in a bathroom stall. I wouldn't bother with a cell phone, a cheap electronic kitchen timer from a Dollar Store would work.

The same thing could be done on college campuses, and shopping malls.

If I were a REAL terrorist, I'd take a taxi in New York City. I'd leave a small package, maybe an empty chewing tobacco tin, in the back seat. I'd push it up under the driver's seat with a timer. You don't need much to just kill the driver and maim a passenger.

If I were a REAL terrorist, I'd steal cars. I'd load the trunk up with explosives and wire in a tilt switch. I'd abandon it in front of an air terminal, bank, subway station, school, the middle of a bridge, or even a police station. When they came to tow it away..... After just three of those, do you realize how afraid people would be of towing cars? A simple abandoned stolen car would create chaos. I wouldn't even need to bother with installing explosives anymore.

Any common car thief would now be my ally and multiply my power.

There are so many other things that could be done, if I was a REAL terrorist.

I don't think we're facing REAL terrorism. I think they just want us to think it is REAL terrorism. This kind of crap has gone on in this country brought about by those in power for years.

The 1910 Los Angeles Times Bombing, and the 1920 Wall Street Bombing shows you how far back stuff like this goes.

I think we're being stampeded into a corral to be branded and claimed as property by our former feudal masters.

Some, like Joe Stack, are already jumping the herd in the chute and trying to find an exit only to die in the process.

There's a history of violence here in the United States. Let us be perfectly clear, we are a nation born of blood. There is no shame in that. We are Free Men in thought, body, and deed. We cast off the yoke of Serfdom long ago, and I will not accept it again.

What shall become of those who seek to shackle us? To bind us? To enslave us? To steal what is ours and leave us, our friends, our neighbors, and our very families beggars in our own land?

It will be their blood or ours.

Time to make a choice.


Northwoods said...

You nailed that dead on!
Outstanding post.

Anonymous said...

...Required Reading at it's finest...good post Brother

Related to last post...paper said almost 2500 registered,a little over 1100 votes cast,winner at 5+,loser at 4+,with a couple of "others" making up the rest,true details escape me...not enuff zombies vote either


Staying Alive said...

A very righteous post. I have made my choice. Keep going, Catman. It will be worth it.


Anonymous said...

Well said brother. Keep the guns clean & oiled.

See Ya

chinasyndrome said...

Update on 3%.R3V dropped a note.They are burying threeper sat.R3V had his casket airbrushed with eagle-globe-anchor and the words USMC scout/sniper you can run but you'll just die tired,Semper Fidelis.Layin him out in dress blues,1gal jack Daniels,his custom .50 cal grizzly,100 rounds of his handloads,and his awards.I forgot to post he was decorated. Sent R3V email to find about ins/finances.China III.

chinasyndrome said...

Great post.As far as my choice ballot box first,if that fails.Then by any means necessary.

idahobob said...

My choice was made.....long ago.


Anonymous said...

Well stated!

I found this nice piece this morning.

“A Rifleman’s Prayer"

Oh Lord, I would live my life in freedom, peace and happiness, enjoying the simple pleasures of hearth and home. I would die an old, old man in my own bed, preferably of sexual overexertion.

But if that is not to be, Lord, if monsters such as this should find their way to my little corner of the world on my watch, then help me to sweep those bastards from the ramparts, because doing that is good, and right, and just.

And if in this I should fall, let me be found atop a pile of brass, behind the wall I made of their corpses.


Guy on his 8th beer said...

The abandoned car causing terror is a vivid example of guerrilla warfare at it's best. Not that I'm endorsing it:)

I'm much too pessimistic for that. I fear that Iran will nuke us before we can hang and skin the politicians and set the country back right.

Glad you're back. I'll have to check out the post's links later. Thanks for your effort.

Cliff said...

If you want to see something scary that is being played with all around the country, go on you tube and look up tannerite. It's a binary explosive you can buy on ebay or make if you dig deep enough on the net. The stuff can only be set off with a hit from a large caliber bullet but it makes a heck of a boom when it goes. Logical use is for exploding targets but I've seen videos of cars blown to bits with just a few pounds and an on target hit from a .223 or something of that ilk. How long before that stuff is outlawed?

Mayberry said...

Catman, I think those who will make a choice already have. The rest will go as the wind blows. Now it comes down to a waiting game. "Civil disobedience" is beginning in earnest, and Joe Stack was just snapped twig number one. It's only a matter of time before the PTB start making "examples" of some folks, then it's game on...

MADDOG said...


HermitJim said...

Always a pleasure to come to your place and have a good read, my friend!

Glad I'm on your side and the side of others that care!

chinasyndrome said...

Catman,R3V layed 3% to rest today.He wanted me thank you and everyone,he said 3% left family in good shape.I put up more info on enemy of state.Thanks BRO.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

When it penultimately comes down to our blood or theirs, Mr Catman... At least I know where, in wally-world, to find a cheap timer... Doubt the PTB will.


R3volution said...

Hello Catman and friends. I go by the name R3volution and I have been a reader of yours for several months now. 3%4FREEDOM introduced me to your blog and many others and although I have never left a comment , I have been here reading and learning.

We laid 3% to rest today, one of the most difficult days I have had in my life. I came here to see if you had returned and found a wonderful tribute to my dear friend 3%4FREEDOM. The response I have seen from the blogging community and some of the words written about 3% actually brought tears to my eyes.

He read literally dozens of blogs but, he held Catmanslitterbox, Mayberry's K.I.S.S. and all of CHINASYNDROME's blogs in high admiration . I want to thank you for recognizing 3% for who he was and what he stood for . It seems that the admiration and respect he felt toward all of you was mutual for all.

I am glad to see you back CATMAN, you have been missed in your absence and I am certain that everyone understands and concurs with your reasons for taking a break . Thank You again for caring and for your continued pursuit of FREEDOM.

I look forward to many more years of Catmans litterbox.