Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vacation Ramblings

I've taken a week off from work. My first vacation in about 18 months. Unlike our "president" who seems to need to vacation frequently. I'm sure between sending his wife off to Spain, playing golf, and being waited on hand and foot by a retinue of hundreds of White House Staffers, it just has to be exhausting.

While Obama is out shopping for shrimp, I'm repairing a bathroom.

To be quite frank, I am truly disheartened. Looking around at the world, and how the parts that never left the toilet have managed to drag the rest of us back there is maddening.

There's no point in listing all the insane stuff that is going on around the world. All you have to do is look at the various news sources on the web, especially the foreign press and you can see everything from photos of decapitated and mutilated Mexicans to confirmation of what many of us already knew, the United States exports terrorism: See CIA REDCELL Memorandum.

Can't list everything, but there are a few things that should be brought to everyone's attention. Just in case you missed them.

Things are becoming more polarized here in this country as we can see from these two articles, "Beat Whitey Night" and "Are You A Muslim?". "Beat Whitey is where a bunch of black kids decided it would be okay to attack white people at a state fair. "Are You A Muslim" preceded an attack by a passenger on a cabbie in New York.

Remember "Wilding"? The attack on a jogger in Central Park?

It hasn't gone away as evidenced by this series of events: "Wilding leaves four wounded in New York".

These types of incidents, and worse, will become frequent as more cops are pulled off the line as evidenced in this article: "Cutbacks force police to curtail calls for some crimes." Need proof? "Stockton Crime Rate Goes Up As Officers Are Cut".

Have you noticed how the number of home invasion stories in the news have increased?

Are you ready to defend yourself, your property, your family?

Many of us have been posturing for some time, you may just find out where you really stand soon.

If you haven't read this yet: Community Crisis Planning For Societal Collapse

Joe Biden: "no doubt we're moving in the right direction." Uh, Joe? Are you high?

Government Defaults Inevitable

Inflation In China

Roubini: Growth Below 1% "Double Dip" Depression likely.

Food Crisis: Impending Global Tsunami

Global Demand Outpaces Crops

US Dollar Collapse In The Cards

Housing Prices To Fall, Unemployment To Rise

College Students Resort To Foodstamps

States need money: Tax Food

Walmart Sees Same Store Sales Falling Pay attention to this. In my opinion, its a bellwether of where the economy is heading.

Nearly 41 Million On Foodstamps

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Humble wife said...

Have a good safe vacation! Thanks for the links we need to be aware tht situations are becoming more and more grave and polarized.