Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Reconquista, often cited as Mexico's attempt to reconquer the American Southwest, has a much longer history. A brief nutshell explanation of the origin of the term can be found on Wikipedia, and its roots it the expulsion of the Moors from the Iberian Peninsula.

Parallels can be drawn between that struggle in the Middle Ages and what is happening now here in our own nation.

Mexican nationals and traitorous American latinos somehow believe that the western US is a mythical land known as Aztlan and seek to return it to Mexican dominion.

Their efforts have stumbled. As more Mexican nationals flee south with the flagging US economy denying them the ability to stay here in the US; their base has begun to erode. Here in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, I've noticed numerous Mexican restaurants that catered to the palates of people from particular Mexican states have closed up shop. That coupled with the near civil war and economic malaise south of the border has many Mexicans concerned with more than trying to turn a myth into a reality.

The forces who want to fragment the United States have failed to seize large portions of the US and now seem to intend on trying to carve it into small, more easily digested, and assimilated chunks. They have now set their sights on dividing Arizona and are being aided by the entrenched Progressive (read that as statist, totalitarian, socialist) leadership.

I am fully supportive of the right of a state to secede from a tyrannical federal government. I oppose the attempt to divide a state, and then have that resulting new state petition for statehood in order to have representation in our federal system. Especially if the motives of the established population, and its leadership, is in question.


Mayberry said...

Heh... The "boss" of one of our facilities is the brother in law of none other than Ramsey Muniz. That whole "Aztlan" business is a joke. It will never happen, not in Texas anyway. In occupied Kalifornistan however... I feel for ya brother.

By the way, Texas may be a majority Hispanic state, but the majority of the majority (from what I've seen) is fiercely Texan. They could give a rat's ass about "reconquista". they're not stupid enough to think ceding back to Mexico would put them in a better position...

Spud said...

It ain't about bringing Mexico back to the States. It's all about bringing the Native Indian back home....