Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Obama To Appear On Conservative Radio Show

Word is out that Obama is to appear on a "conservative talk show" tomorrow, Thursday August 20th.

I don't know how "conservative" it is since the host, Michael Smerconish (former trial lawyer), openly endorsed Obama's campaign.

Allegedly Obama will be taking calls from listeners. Personally, I think the calls will be all pre-screened by a battery of DNC monkeys manning the phones.

You can view Smerconish's website here at MASTALK.COM.

Smerconish's show is hosted at the studios of WPHT, in Philadelphia. His on air time starts at 0500 local time. If you want to try to get in and take a swing at the Comandante and Thief, you can call in to the show at 877-434-1776.

Here is a link to a page from StreamingRadioGuide. It has all of the links to stations that carry the show and stream the content over the internet. The times are often delayed from the original broadcast times.

Just in case you need to hear something that will make you queasy enough to stick to your diet.


Bitmap said...

"I think the calls will be all pre-screened by a battery of DNC monkeys manning the phones."

I think the calls will be made by known supporters of this administration, probably from the radio station's studio, and all will be well rehearsed.

We've seen enough samples of how this clown speaks without his teleprompter. Can you imagine him actually trying to answer a question live on the air? "Um, er . . . um . . . uh . . . "

It would be hysterical.

Mayberry said...

It's all a put on for sure. All of his media circuses are...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Sounds like some entirely foreign concept of "conservative" to me, being an Obammy's Man...