Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Road

October 16, 2009

This has to be one of the most frightening visions of our future to have ever have been penned.

And Hollywood has brought it to life.

Thinking about it, I kinda feel sick. I'm not sure if I'm ready for this one. Movies are supposed to be fun and entertaining.

I'm not sure at all if this will be either.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't get the trailer link to work. Probably something I'm doing. Read the book and found it quite depressing, hope the movie is better.

shiloh1862 said...

Yes the book was depressing (still glad I read it) and I suspect the video will be also.


idahobob said...

Well.....If TEOTWAWKI doesn't happen by the time this flick hits here, we WILL be going to see it. We just have to go 75 miles to a theater.


HermitJim said...

Looks pretty good to me! I'll have to get the book!

Catman said...

YOF, put "The Road Movie Trailer" into your favorite search engine. There are multiple places hosting the trailer. Maybe one of those other links will work for you.

I picked Hulu to stream from because they have tons of bandwidth and are usually really fast.

Pickdog, that book haunted me for a long time. There's stuff in there that, well, made me ill. I wonder if they'll show the scenes with the little kids in the basement. (shudder)

IdahoBob, 75 miles to a theater? Holy smokes!

Hermit Jim, your sunny disposition is an odd juxtaposition to the theme of the book. :-)

lysander said...

I read the book a year ago and have been anxiously awaiting the release...BTW, the movie was finished early last year and the release has been delayed due to editing issues and timing.

Radio Bloger said...

I think it will be worse than this film and book are predicting.

I feel it is better sooner than later and we should just buckle down and get ready for something many of us will not make it onto the end into improving times.

It will be bad, I just want to get it over with...

lysander said...

Hey Catman...what was really disturbing for me from the book was the "campers" that they stumbled upon in the woods and what they were roasting over a nice campfire. The genius of McCarthy is that his style of writing leaves the reader with his imagination which can sometimes be the true horror.

idahobob said...

Yup...75 miles.
Even for fast food....I don't miss it at all.

We live in the largest county in the state (about the size of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined) and have one...count 'em, one traffic light.

Eat yer hearts out, city slickers!!

Heh, heh.


Anonymous said...

The human race is pretty tough. Perhaps some will survive to start over. An old fart like me may not live to try. But I am prepared. If not my kids will have what I have stashed.(plenty of guns,ammo, & food)

See Ya