Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking The Escalator Up or Down?

My guess is he's probably on his way down. Mary Jo probably waved at him as St. Peter turned him away at the gate.

I'm no fan of the Kennedys. Never have been.

Cancer is an ugly disease, especially brain cancer. The wife of a close friend suffered a similar fate a few years ago. In that, I truly offer my condolences to his family.

I won't miss Ted Kennedy. I won't miss his politics. I hope his time in the senate marks the zenith of the influence of Eastern Liberal Politics on the national stage. I pray that the Kennedy name will be eclipsed by someone from a more reasoned path, and not by another knee jerk liberal.

I have to wonder about the timing. I'm always looking for that lurking figure staying to the shadows. I love a good conspiracy theory. Often times, it is more than just a fanciful weaving of facts and suppositions. There are elements of truth, and sometimes the theories are more accurate than people wish to admit.

Obama and his so-called health care plan are nearly down for the count. Barry's poll numbers are sinking fast, and he's losing the support of his various coalition elements as he fails to satisfy special interest after special interest.

Now Ted slips gently into that long goodnight. Maybe after the shadowy figure whispers to him, "You're going out, Ted. It's a fact. Maybe a year or so and it is light out. Why not go now, when your passing will help us push our agenda through? You've had a good life, and we'll make sure everything is taken care of." Then again, maybe the shadowy figure didn't use reason, maybe something else happened. A weak old man, a needle......kinda like Obama's health care plan.

Wow. That would have been poetic justice.

The media will start feeding on his passing like flies on a bloated corpse. Obama and his failings will disappear off the radar and allow him to get off the ropes.

Coverage of angry Americans at town hall meetings will take a back seat to the public self flaggilation of every screwball out there who supported Uncle Ted. The tributes and memorial services will occupy every inch of available space.

Someone, somewhere in Obama's team will start talking about how even with the finest healthcare available, Ted Kennedy could not be saved. Now how about all those millions of Americans (and illegal aliens) who don't have healthcare, how much are they suffering? Yadda yadda yadda....the beat goes on.

Did you know that Kennedy approached the governor of Massachusettes about a week ago, asking that the governor speed up the replacement process if he (Ted Kennedy) should die?

Kennedy asked that an "interim replacement" be appointed should he die.

Gotta ask, "What did he know, and when did he know it?"

Right now, a special election has to be held within five months. Five months that the senate won't have a critical liberal vote to try and keep Obamacare from sinking like a collander in a typhoon.

Does anyone else see the makings of a good conspiracy theory here?


Anonymous said...

Agree - the press and libs will use 'we gotta honor uncle Teddy and get this health care bill PASSED' to get it through, though it will be a battle. I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone, even my worst enemy, but I too won't miss this dude - too many scandals to cover up, man the Kennedys got away with so much.

He's facing his Creator - its his judgement that counts.

Ken said...

...i believe his was the St.Peter,just Miss Kopechne kickin' his ass all the way to the door...

...i guess child molestin'Mikey being offed wasn't enuff of a 'distraction' huh ?...

lysander said...

The best part? The best is that the dems screwed themselves. When john kerry was running for president in 2004 the dems in Mass. pushed thru a law that there has to be an election within 5 months of a senator losing his seat, for whatever reason. They didn't want the republican gov to appoint a interim replacement till next election cycle, as was the law at that time.I believe most states observe the "appointment" rule. So about a week ago teddy asked the dems to fight to rescind the law, cause he said it would be damaging to the obama admin. to be without a dem senator for 5 months. They could face gridlock. But then the fucker died. Now, there is some noise from the dems who are trying to reverse the new rule anyhow. What a bunch of scumbags. As for ted...if there is a hell..he's there now! Burn you bastard-burn.

ErinAndBrad said...

I am afraid this is just another ploy like you said to distract and then to gain momentum for the healthcare bill - ugh.