Thursday, August 6, 2009

Congress: $200 Million For 3 Gulfstream Jets

Obama sent his minions out the other day to float a trial balloon over the American public. No guarantee taxes will not increase.

I'm sorry, but I'm not paying any more taxes to fund more giveaways.

After a firestorm, Obama reeled in his rapidly deflating balloon the next day. White House says no tax increase for under $250,000 in income.

The word is that Obama and his cretinous henchmen and women are still seeking some way to push through tax increases as federal tax revenues nose dive.

Yet Obama continues to advance his spend, spend, spend policies. "As The Wall Street Journal pointed out earlier this year, "the feds could take 100 percent of the taxable income of everyone in America earning more than $500,000 and still have raised only $1.3 trillion even in the boom year of 2006. The rich are fewer and less rich now, while the Obama budget is nearly $4 trillion."

This as Obama's "stimulous package" cost us over $1 Trillion, and his "health care" proposals would tack on another estimated $1 Trillion.

I guess the idiots in Congress figure they're gonna get while the getting is good and have decided to buy three new Gulf Stream 500 jets. At $65 Million a pop, I think coach on Southwest Airlines is a better choice for these parasites.

You can check out what you, the taxpayer, will be getting for your money, but will never see the inside of, right here:

What really irritates me is that the Airforce (who has to shuttle around these monkeys) asked for ONE.


I guess that wasn't good enough for Pelosi and gang. They are buying THREE!

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idahobob said...

If memory serves me correctly, (sometimes it does) I remember when that simpering bitch, Pelosi, became speaker of the house, there was a bruhaha created when she wanted the Air Force to shuttle her, her family and suck a***s back and forth from DC to Kali, in their VIP aircraft. Air Force said NO!

Now, we have these parasites in Washington, District of Criminals, ordering up their own personal luxury aircraft so they can be treated like the prince's and princesses that these fags and dykes imagine themselves to be.


Off with their friggin' heads!


HermitJim said...

I just have no idea what these people are thinking...or if they live in the same universe as I!

If you wrote this whole thing up as a movie script, no one would buy it because it just sounds too untrue...

Good Lord, what a bunch of idiots!

shiloh1862 said...

F'g shameless. They will get what is coming to them at some point.


shinerbock said...

It just never ends does it? The greed and bullshit is going to continue until they run the f'ing country into the ground.