Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Police Guard Home


idahobob said...

Mike V, has three articles on his site this morning dealing with this article, the ATF and SPLC.

Read them.


lysander said...

I'm sorry to report to you ,Catman, that where I live there is militia groups in every town, city and there is even a State-wide organized militia. The names reflect the area that they operate in, such as "Hartford police dept." and Bridgeport police dept." and the biggest of them all; The "State Police". What is frightening is they seem to be well funded, probably directly from the RNC and the anti-Obama gang. They have a costume or uniform that they wear and are heavily armed with sidearms, non-sporting shotguns and assault rifles. Perhaps they can be reported to the proper authorities in the Obama Ministry of Love. This situation is double-plus-ungood.

Patriot West of Fort Worth said...

Great videos... I'm adding your site to my favoriate sites!