Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Police Don't Answer The Phone Plus Other Stuff

Things are actually fairly calm in society right now.

No rampaging mobs in the street.

No malls blazing in the night.

No food riots.

No, actually things are pretty good, unless you're a cheating husband who gets ambushed by his wife and lovers. Yeah, having your penis Crazy Glued to your stomach just doesn't sound like a real good time.

Those gals up in Wisconsin really know how to party. It must be something in the cheese.

Read the incredible story here. And you can read the incredible left wing Gloria Steinem version here.

So why aren't the police answering the phones? Stressed? Overworked? Too many women out there running around with Crazy Glue?

I don't know, but people who live in urban areas need to read these two articles:

Holding for the NYPD: News finds long waits when dialing cops.


Daily News probe of phone response at NYPD stationhouses gets New York elected officials up in arms.

Okay, so what's the big deal, you ask.

These were non-emergency calls. Local calls going to local stationhouses over things like noise.

What do you think would happen if you tried to call there if there were rampaging mobs in the street, your local mall was set ablaze by angry, displaced refugees, or if there were food riots? What would happen if you found yourself attacked by a mob of women wielding Crazy Glue?

The police admit in the second article that they're hamstrung by antiquated equipment, and a lack of a sufficient number of officers. While they have seen a reduction in force by some 6000 police officers, they still have a force in excess of 37,000 officers with a budget of $3.9 Billion!


New York City has a population in excess of eight million people! So that's like having one cop for every 220 people.

This points out again the serious need for everyone out there to be prepared to defend oneself, one's family and one's property without having to rely on law enforcement.


ErinAndBrad said...

Signs of things to come I believe. Good catch Cat! Hi there Felinae!

lysander said...

"To Serve And Protect" means THEM, not you. You're just a "stupid civilian". The duty of police in a crime is to bag and tag the body(s) and make a show of gathering evidence. Most crime is "solved" by using snitches.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a bit surprised.

Anonymous said...

But how many of those 220 people need to be policed? What percent of that population are criminals needing the attention of LEO?
1%? 5%? 20%?

If you only factor in the bad guys the ratio drops tremendously.

Oh, thats right. We the People ARE the bad guys!