Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Militias" are back to scare the population

The Southern Poverty Law Center has again raised its ugly head and reported that "militias" are again on the rise. The Associated Press article and the authors of the report from the SPLC have done their level best to equate average Americans who have come to recognize the threat posed by the government with extremist organizations driven by racial identity.

Fox News' massaged AP article can be read here: Independent Report Claims Militia Groups On The Rise

Original AP article can be read here: Officials See Rise In Militia Groups Across US

Notice the change from the original article to the fox story? Original AP Story: "Officials" Fox News' Story: "Independent Report". Now who is fooling whom?

In my personal opinion, the SPLC has become nothing more than a mouth piece for elements of the US government intent on the destruction of our Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

A piece located at The Land Of The Free, "Southern Poverty Law Center Has Become A Danger To America" mirrors most of my concerns regarding the organization.

I find it curious that these types of reports always pop up conveniently whenever the government finds itself on the defensive. More misdirection, and more hatred bred by the cowards too chicken to face their constituents at Town Hall Meetings.

The efforts of those in power to drive a fearful population in a particular direction is completely transparent. Everything from the National Guard advertising for Camp Guards (SonderKommando), to Swine Flu Martial Law provisions (yet another more sensationalist Fox piece here) to the latest attempt at painting gun owners as terrorists.

The attempt to mold the psyche and consciousness of the public is at a fever pitch right now. Beware, for what we have been warned about is on the horizon.

Watch the videos below, especially the last one.


Radio Bloger said...

Get ready folks they are about to move.

They intend to make a big push, they are afraid they are losing their grip, and are about to overstep.

Pray for a hard crash, to dilute the effects of their plans, and NEVER FORGET who it is that is selling you out.

Anonymous said...

Even if this BS were true, how in the hell would the southern poverty law center p-o-s-s-i-b-l-y presume to know this? Are they so deft that they've infiltrated militia groups?

They're just hoping the public will buy this BS so they can justify banning firearms.

This is getting WAY to Orwellian for me.


Shy Wolf said...

Time to get out of the AARP as well- another group of terorists in sheep clothing.

ErinAndBrad said...

Well, just shit!! Why do we all think alike?? I was totally infuriated this morning when I saw this on FOX - sent my blood pressure through the roof!! Nice to know I have friends who will be targets too LOL!

SPLC - aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh :( Knew they would be coming to the front soon.