Friday, August 7, 2009

Americans: You're The New Bonus Army

Before I get to the subject of the title of this post, there's two things I'd like to draw your attention to. One is serious. One is kinda fun, and strange but should appeal to the comfort seeking Survivalist in all of us.

Item one is today is "Purple Heart Day", as is every August 7th. It is a day set aside to remember and honor our combat wounded. This is to all veterans, but today especially for those awarded the Purple Heart, thank you. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Item two is the Rancho Bernardo Inn located in San Diego. This is one of the most luxurious resorts in California. They are offering a "Survivor Package" (scroll down to click on the link for the package deal) for $19.00 per night. Rates at this inn can be over $289.00 per night.

Well, what do you get for $19.00 per night?

A Tent.

What don't you get?

Breakfast. Bar. AC or heat. Pillows. Sheets. Lights. Towels. Toiletries (yes, that means bring your own TP). That's right, at that price you don't even get a bed.

Enjoy your stay.

Now, on to a more serious subject.

How many of you learned about "The Bonus Expeditionary Force" when the government taught you "American History" in the compulsory education system?

How many of you veterans out there have heard of that group of World War One veterans?

Did you know that President Hoover ordered General Patton and General MacArthur to assemble active duty elements to attack protesting World War One veterans? It's the reason Hoover lost his re-election bid to Roosevelt.

Patton and MacArthur attacked the veterans, and their wives and children, with fixed bayonets, cavalry, tanks, and gas. They burned everything these families owned. 1932, the depths of The Great Depression, and having lost nearly everything, these people lost the rest to their government.

If you're interested in what happened, check out these links:

FBI Freedom Of Information Act: Bonus Army

European University Institute, Italy: Scroll down to the year 1932

Or Just watch the above video. You won't get the entire story by watching the video, but it is pretty powerful.

So, why do I say you're the "New Bonus Army"?

It's quite simple, really.

You've worked all your life, and paid into a system that was supposed to take care of you if things went wrong. You played the part of a good citizen and helped put people into office who were supposed to look out for your interests.

You thought they were worthy of your trust.

You're finding out differently. Some of you are learning the hard way that those of us who have been warning you, were actually right. Surprise, we're not just a bunch of tin foil hat wearing nuts!

Today, everyone trying to prop up the illegitimate, fascist, occupational government in DC is cheering that unemployment has dropped to 9.4% while an additional 247,000 jobs were lost.

What they're not telling you is that people's unemployment benefits are running out. Once your benefits run out, you're not counted as unemployed. Nearly half a million people will fall off the unemployment rolls by September. Congress has already extended unemployment benefits by 33 weeks over the old limits. By December, the estimated number of unemployed who will fall off the rolls will be ONE AND ONE HALF MILLION of your fellow Americans.

The sad thing is there were people who had already fallen off the rolls before this crisis came along. People who have been out of work for more than FIVE YEARS!

Where did all of that money you and I have been paying go? It went to pay the government workers who gave you barely adequate service if you got service at all. It went to pay for people who shouldn't be here. Did you know that Social Security mails checks to foreign countries to foreign people who were not always in this country legally? Social Security pays benefits to immigrants who have never worked a single day of their lives in this country!

Why did this happen? People in office gave away your money to buy votes. Votes from illegal aliens, and people who don't give a rats ass about you, your family, or this country. People who only want something and expect you to pay for it.

Now your money isn't there anymore.

They're still giving your money away. Money you haven't even earned. As fast as they can print it. The more they print to shove in the pockets of their special interests, and friends, the less yours is worth. It's called inflation. It won't bother them or their friends, they'll just print more. You? Sorry, pal. You're on your own.

Some food items have increased as much as 40% in the last year! That's really whacked many people's already stretched budgets, and forced families to make some really tough choices. Rent or food for example. Inflation, thanks to your pals printing money to cover their asses.

Is that what you signed up for?

The more people wake up, and the more people start demanding what is just and right, the more shrill the Pelosi Parasites will become.

Mayberry has a post on all the excitement going on at the "Obama Death Plan" Town Hall meetings. They've gone from being tense, to becoming violent.

More wake up every day and join the Obama Resistance Movement.

Even Democrats are beginning to flee from this train wreck of an administration. Obama has only been in office six months and people view his administration as a greater failure than George Bush's. This poll admittedly was weighted heavily by drawing on a disproportinate number of African Americans. I wonder how bad it would have been if they had used an unbiased poll.

Forbes notes that 34 million Americans receive food stamps and the numbers keep growing every month, while some Second Harvest Food Banks report dwindling donations and stocks of food. At least one has run out of food and has nothing to distribute.

So what happens when there's no food, and people have no benefits? No house because it's been foreclosed on. No car because it's been repoed. No "Hope".

Remember that word?

Now since you have dared to disagree with the minions of the Forces Of Evil, Pelosi and puppets have turned to the tactics of the Nazis and the Russian FSB.

Yeah, "Citizen Informants" or snitches to be compiled into an "enemies list" as suggested by Senator John Cornyn.

So what happens now?

Well, they've already put things into place (here's a few small reminders), and are quietly adding on.

Obama And New Quarantine Regulations

Local Police And Mercenary Forces

When you and enough frustrated and angry people take to the street and demand action, you'll be the "New Bonus Army" If you're a vet, don't think your previous status will give you any weight with the forces you will be facing. History has shown time and time again that the tyrants will suffer no opposition. Their only offer of compromise is the offer of death now, or death later.

If you sit by idly, or support this kind of activity, you're no better than the SonderKommando, and you deserve the same fate.

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." - Albert Einstein


Ken said...

...time is running out...

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea for a way out of this whole mess: A rogue Air Force general nukes Washington D.C. when congress is in session. Quick, simple, cheap.

Humble wife said...

Boy all I keep thinking is tick tock...

My husband I were talking this morning and know that tides are turning...everything that we have prepped for sadly will not be in vain. Meaning we prep praying for the best expecting the worst.

May we continue giving tips etc for a good long while
New Mexico prepper

ErinAndBrad said...

Nuts isn't it - the sheeple awaken. Revolution draweth nigh...

HermitJim said...

Let's just hope that some body in Congress finally sees the light and can convince others. I don't really think that will happen, but we can hope!

Regardless, I wouldn't stop prepping!