Monday, August 17, 2009

Fight Obama And His Policies

Even though Obama and The Whitehouse appear to be in retreat on the subject of Nationalist Socialist Healthcare, do not be fooled.

We know that these snakes will run this plan through piece by piece by burying bits of it in other legislation. It has happened before when they couldn't get it through in one big piece.

Either that, or they ran it through in the middle of the night just before a holiday.

Those of you who were fortunate enough to be granted the top rung in our welfare system (political office) have not been listening, and we're getting ready to kick you to the ground.

We didn't just say "NO" to bailouts and TARP. We said "HELL NO!"

And you didn't listen.

Now we're telling you we don't want a socialist health care system, and you're doing your damn best to thwart the instructions of your EMPLOYERS again! Do you know what happens to any of us who actually work for a living when we give our boss the finger?

The same thing is about to happen to you.

Get ready.

The sidewalk is hard and cold when it hits your ass. You better pray that being tossed out of office isn't the only thing that happens to you.

-note to Liberal Trolls-

Criticism of Obama is NOT racism. Here's proof. Unless you want to call this man a racist. But then you'd have to label all black men who refer to each other by the "N" word as racists too. But you won't. It doesn't fit your agenda.


Yes, I am aware of Manning's background and prison record.


ErinAndBrad said...

Yep - way too true and do not be fooled because they have already passed the first part of the bill in the stimulus bill - sp get ready for it to be passed soon unbeknownst to us. And also get ready for others to pass that are equally draconian! Ugh...
Great post Cat!

Anonymous said...

I think the congress critters FINALLY realized that the legistlation they are trying to push out as soon as possible are really pi$$ing off a lot of people. They are desperately attempting to pin it on the Republicans and 'other racists' trying to obstruct the 'progress' Obama is attempting to pass, but I don't think its working entirely.

People from both partys are fed up with bills passed that DON'T WORK. They are fed up with legislators who say one thing, but do another - people are waking up and making their voices heard - and they are paying attention.

I'm disgusted with the Race Card being played on these actions - its not race Dufus, its being tired of being told what is good for us by Nanny Government.

soldierman57 said...

hay there catman,We should fire all of them and start over! put up a wall