Friday, October 29, 2010

Websites of Interest: Herbs, Explosives, Chemicals, and Antibiotics


Tons of cool stuff from rail guns to valveless pulse jets. A must see for the budding revolutionary is the excellent tutorial on the manufacture of nitrocellulose, the main component of many smokeless powders. Down below that tutorial is another for the making of cellulose hexanitrate, or a high grade gun cotton.

Not up to making it? Its expensive, but you can get it here. You just need to let nature perform her magic.


Science, with a capital "S"! Get your "free" general catalog here. Check out their chemicals here.

Cheap Chemicals

For those revolutionaries on a budget! In all seriousness, if you're planning something DON'T buy stuff over the web or through the mail. PAY CASH! Check out your local yellow pages for chemical supply houses in your area. DON'T go in there looking like a meth addict!

Print up some phony business cards and dress appropriately. You'd be surprised at how far a business card will get you.


Fireworks. Wholesale and all the stuff to make your own, including plans and kits.

Henriettes Herbal Homepage

In addition to the culinary herbal and medicinal herbal FAQs, she has over 10,000 photos of herbs to help you identify them in the field.

She playfully welcomes you to the "Bark Side", and she isn't kidding! Check out King's American Dispensatory where you can learn to make all kinds of old time medical formulas, including Absinthin and Atropine.

Drs. Foster and Smith

Pet supplies? You betcha. Look here: Non prescription antibiotics Penicillin, Ampicillin, Tetracycline, Amoxicillin, and Cephalexin.

I've heard that in some areas, feed stores have been restricted from selling antibiotics over the counter. I don't know how accurate that is, but here's one possible solution.


Ken said...

...above and beyond Brother Catman...skylighter is a good link

Lori said...

I just found your blog. Wow! Your information is great. Here is a link to a site with similar, although older, info:
Click where are the files?. Anarchy and survival are 2 of my favorites. I am not affiliated with the site, but I love reading it and share it with everyone I can.
Keep up the good work. It will definitely be helpful when the defecation hits the oscillation!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

can't says I read it yet, but I absolutely COULD NOT RESIST the title...

chinasyndrome said...

Thanks man,always cool and interesting info!


Henriette said...

Don't copy my whole site using httrack or similar.

It takes me more than 24 hours to make a new site DVD using wget on localhost. You're doing the same over the world wide web ...

So really. Don't.

I offer a DVD of the whole site. It's only 25 USD, and is about 2.5 GB. A steal at the price.

Catman said...


I have sent the following apology to Henriette.


I apologize for suggesting that people copy your website using mirroring software. I was unaware that you offer your information on disk for a small fee.

I will edit the post to remove the suggestion.

I hope you will understand that with the transient nature of the internet, and the continued threat to the internet remaining a free and open source of information, I only hoped to preserve the information you have provided. I was not suggesting that anyone profit by copying your site.

Thank you for making your desires known.


JT Hall