Sunday, October 10, 2010


I've finally found a really nice set online. I picked up a kit about 10 years ago, and the alignment tooling, but was never able to get a good set of prints!

Just had to share this with y'all if you've ever thought about playing around with one of these things.

The kits are still available from places like SARCO. Ready to weld receivers and semi-auto parts at D&D Sales.

Check all state and federal laws before purchasing or attempting to build one of these weapons. Nearly all kits are demilled sub-machineguns, and most of the internal parts are not useful for building a semi-auto.

If you're just interested in collecting blueprints, that's cool too!

Click: Download Uzi Blueprints

Now, I just need to find a set for a Micro-Uzi!

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