Thursday, October 21, 2010

Free Money: ATM Exploit

To be quite frank, I have no idea if this still works. The information is two years old, but it did not get much attention in the media when the first few incidents filtered out.

For obvious reasons.

For that reason alone, and the knowledge that many manufacturers are lazy, there is a chance that this may still work. Especially in out of the way places where the owners of these private ATMs are not always big on keeping their machines up to date.

I AM NOT ENCOURAGING ANYONE TO DO THIS! It is for educational purposes only!

If you choose to try this, it is on your head alone.

You'll need to download two files. I'll give you links to them at the bottom of the article. There is no "hacking" or computer exploits involved. You don't even have to open the machine. If you can push buttons on the machine, you can do this.

You will also need to get a pre-loaded (anonymous) ATM/Credit card. You don't want one that is linked to you, again, for obvious reasons. Available at Wal-Mart, Western Union, Coinstar and other locations.

Most ATMs these days are set to dispense $20.00 bills, but they can be set to dispense $5.00 and $10.00 bills as well. How this exploit works is by telling the machine that it is dispensing $5.00 bills when the cash cartridges are loaded with $20.00 bills.

You are actually performing a withdrawal using your prepaid ATM/Credit card but making a $15.00 "profit" on each bill dispensed. Since you are limited to $300.00 per day per ATM card, that equates out to sixty "$5.00" bills.

Sixty multiplied by $20.00 is $1200.00. You "invested" $300.00 to load the card, so you walk away with a "profit" of $900.00.

Now, you need to be aware that some of these stand alone machines can have as little as a few hundred bucks in them, some may have as much as $20,000. So, its kinda like playing the slots.

People who know me have got to be wondering what the &*%$# is going on in this guy's head. This isn't the kind of stuff that he does. Blow things up: yes. Build guns: yes. Shoot inanimate objects: yes. Advocate serious theft, put someone at risk for financial loss? No, that's not him.

I'm tired, people. Really tired. It's not a physical weariness. It's something more. Anger, frustration, a sense of being a hamster on a wheel, being in the backseat of a bus as the front end goes over a cliff. I've just gotten to the point where I want to say &*^^%$ it.

Everywhere I turn, good hardworking people are being left to die by our government. By the people we entrusted to look after our welfare, our safety. Some may view that as hyperbole, but it isn't. Once you are kicked out of society because you aren't useful or profitable anymore, what happens to you? Think real hard about that, and then go down to the local tent city and look around.

You'll find former soldiers, machinists, auto mechanics, stay at home mothers - when they had a home.

Do you see Pelosi or Obama even picking out a single person, never mind an entire family, to help? Out of their own pocket? No, its all this nebulous crap they spew making everyone think they're doing something for everybody, when in fact they're only doing for themselves and their patrons on Wall Street.

Then they make commercials telling you to "give". Putting a guilt trip on you. When all you do is give, at the point of a gun called the IRS.

Go ask around about how many bodies remain unclaimed in morgues because families can't afford to bury their own. About how the numbers are increasing.

Now we're being handed another Hobson's Choice in these upcoming elections. People who really want to do something are shut out of the process. They aren't in the debates. It's just the criminal element present. I'm so &**^$ sick of it. Two party system. Don't make me laugh. Its a one party system. A party of damned pickpockets and extortionists.

My best friend, a Viet Nam vet, a member of the UDT is essentially homeless. His hard earned wealth he set aside to see him through the autumn of his life....pfffftttt...gone. I've told him he's welcome here, but he's not willing to impose.

I'm going to join a lawsuit this week against a bank, its CEO and CFO, just so I can give him any of the judgment I can when we collect. He should be suing, but he can't because of his situation.

One of my neighbors hasn't been able to pay his mortgage in six months. Another, its been a year. These people didn't buy extravagant homes, and they're not foolish with their money. One of them works out a Sandia Labs and holds some serious security clearances. I found out that four more homes on my block are in the same position as these two.

Layoffs, cutbacks in hours, rising taxes and just the cost of living have taken these people down to nothing. Families have been destroyed as the stress has ruined marriages. Divorces up and down the street.

It is pathetic.

Last year, this little town was doing okay, but now its struggling. According to one of the city council members I talked to, we're down to three cops max per shift. Two of those are often reserves or volunteers. The police chief is part time.

Kid's high school was put on lockdown because some clown showed up on campus and threatened a girl with a knife. The kid texted my wife and told her what was going on. I grabbed the belly band, started loading mags for the 92FS and figuring out just how I was going to go get my kid. I love my 1911s, but I figured the 9mm with the higher cap mags would be a better choice for the situation.

Yeah, so right now I don't really care about the laws.

Who knows, maybe it will help someone.

Files Below

ATM Instructions

ATM Manual

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Mayberry said...

I feel ya man. My give a damn's busted, because it seems nobody wants to make a stand and put things right. We should be knockin' heads, but we're all just sitting there, muttering curses, and reaching for the Cheetos. Meanwhile America circles the proverbial drain...