Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mother Jones: Who Owns Congress

Take a gander at this article over at Mother Jones:

Who Owns Congress?

I found it interesting that the writers saw fit to pick and choose which donors they listed. For example, MJ listed for Barbara Boxer the second and sixth largest donors. For Chuckie Schumer, they didn't list any, just kind of lumped them under a big umbrella called "FIRE".

I couldn't agree more. I hope the voters do just that the next chance they get.

For two of the three Republican candidates, they had no problems listing their largest donors by name.

I think they should have listed donors by top 10 for each candidate profiled.

The graphics are very illustrative of why you, the common voter, do not have representation.

Think very clearly about just who you are going to vote for this year. While I am still registered as a Republican, I haven't voted for a Republican since Reagan. I've fielded a number of calls to my home from people shilling for this or that Republican candidate, and I've told them all that I'm voting for the person whom I don't recognize.

This revelation throws them for a loop when I explain that when I see a name on the ballot and never have received a phone call, never seen a TV ad, never heard a radio ad, never read a print ad, and never seen a placard, poster, or billboard for that person, it mean that person is running not to serve their own or their donors interests.

They're doing it because they have to.

"OH! YOU'RE THROWING AWAY YOUR VOTE!" is the invariable exclamation. Throwing away? Throwing away my vote is voting for a candidate that doesn't reflect my opinions, thoughts or beliefs.

I fought with someone in front of a store who was promoting Whitman, a California gubernatorial candidate. The shill was incensed when I informed them I was writing in my name instead voting for Whitman.

I explained that California's governors race and the race for Boxer's senate seat was nothing but a referendum on failure. Brown is a failure. Whitman is a failure. Boxer is a failure. Fiorina is a failure. Why would I vote to change from one failure to another?

The shill was apoplectic. How could I describe two of the greatest female CEOs as failures? Simple, I responded. They're no longer CEOs.

If a CEO is any good, they get picked up by another company quickly after their departure from one organization. Frequently, they are lured away by firms. Good CEOs are not UNEMPLOYED.

I told him to go look up Jack Welch, Lee Iacoca, or Warren Buffet if they needed examples of successful CEOs.

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