Thursday, October 14, 2010

Obama is........GAY? o_O

Okay, this one got by me. I never would have suspected it. Even Felinae's nearly infallible "gaydar" didn't go off.

Guess I've been too busy getting ready for the big dance Gerald has been talking about.

I was reading New York Observer's article "President Obama's Second Generation iPad" where the article speaks of an interview conducted by Peter Baker of the New York Times.

Definitely read the comments at the bottom *ahem* of the article. They are priceless.

Mr. Baker allegedly asked if Obama had an iPad, to which Obama responded "I have an iReggie, who has my books, my newspapers, my music all in one place." Obama was referring to Reggie Love, his personal aide.

I wonder if Reggie carries lotion and other things around.

Rumors have circulated that Reggie, while at Duke University, engaged in "teabagging". No, not the one that Liberals love to talk about, THE OTHER one. Photos of the alleged incident can be viewed at this blog, Obambi.

Follow the bread crumbs, kids.

Rahm Emanuel and Obama members of the same Chicago gay men's club. Read the article. It will, *ahem*, blow your mind.

Mom Of Murdered Obama Gay Lover Speaks Up

Larry Sinclair *pops up* repeatedly in these stories.

Hey, watch the videos for yourself

More found here.

I can't watch or post anymore of these videos, otherwise I wind up lisping and using the word "thespian".

No wonder he keeps running away from "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". Too many people are asking and he doesn't want to tell!

Thanks, Barry. This is the first time you've manage to make me laugh ... in a good way.

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