Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Are You Confused?

Many of you have already read something mirroring what the analyst, Nicolas Colas, had to say on CNBC on Alex Jones' site and in other places.

The analysts refer to dwindling home sale numbers, higher unemployment, the rising numbers of food stamp recipients and increased retail sales, including guns, silver, and gold as an "Indication of Confusion".

The media is saying the average American is confused?

No, we're not confused. We know exactly what is going on. And that, as far as the ruling elite is concerned, is the problem. Many people are opting to follow their instinct and not listen to their leaders who continue to shill for the banks and Wall Street.

The one thing that really concerned me is that people are not stocking up on ammo, as seemingly indicated by the interview, while gun sales continue a brisk pace.

If you're a first time gun owner, please take the time to learn to use it properly. That means range time and a qualified instructor. Click this link to help you locate a qualified instructor and classes. You're able to search by zip code on this site. Some gun shops also offer classes, be sure to ask. If you have friends who are well versed in firearms, that's an invaluable resource. Make sure you avail yourself of it.

You need to buy ammo. You need to buy lots of ammo. It may seem expensive buying ammo and heading to the range to practice, but what you're doing is training yourself. Remember when you first learned to drive a car? You consciously had to think about all the steps you needed to follow, especially if it was a manual transmission. Now, after 5, 10, 15 or more years, you do everything without thinking about it.

Driving a car has become instinctual. It is part of you, just like riding a bike.

A really bad time to learn how to use a gun is when someone is shooting at you, or worse in your home coming at you with a knife. You need to have that instinctual relationship with your gun. That takes practice.

If you've never been in combat ( I haven't), ask someone who has been how quickly ammunition gets spent (I have). One thing these folks have stressed, it isn't anything like the movies where the guns don't run out of bullets and there's a seemingly infinite number of fresh magazines if the director actually shows weapons being reloaded.

If you're defending a position, your resupply is right there and hopefully you have people reloading empty magazines and clips. If you're out on patrol, I've been told you can never carry enough ammo.

Don't count on that one box of 20 rounds being enough. A gun isn't a magic wand, and an empty gun has even less persuasive power than a loaded one.


Ken said...

...good post Brother Catman,i've been told stories about an understrength platoon running out of ammo during a ten or twelve minute firefight,less than 300 meters from their firebase,after they were(almost)ambushed,an FNG VC blew it before they entered the kill zone,if it wasn't for the morters covering their retreat there would have been 24 KIA,instead of 1 KIA and 1 MIA...19 of the 22 wounded...he used to joke about it(loosely termed),they returned with less than a hundred rounds between them,only one frag and two willypetes...say again:YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENUFF AMMO...

chinasyndrome said...

Right on Catman! No I am not confused at all,in fact I quite clearly see what these bastards are up to.And I have plenty of ammo for each caliber I shoot.May even start picking up some that others shoot.


Radio Bloger said...

Do any of you Catman, ChinaSyndrome... anyone think that there is any way this can be pulled out?

That there is any way this will not end badly?

chinasyndrome said...

Radio,for me no I see no way this will end well!