Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home Made Hallucinogenic Gas

Baby killed as family jumps from Paris window after 'devil sighting'

You just have to wonder what prompted this odd behavior in a group of 12 people. Another article stated that the naked man was originally from Africa. Yet another article, describes the individuals involved as members of one family. Another says the entire group is possibly from Angola.

Must have been one hell of a "horn" on that dude.

To be quite fair, Angola is a country steeped in superstition and tragedy and that may have been all that was needed to create this kind of environment.

Or maybe they had some help.

So, what does this have to do with hallucinogenic gas?

Well, there have been a number of odd things happening around the world. Everything from multiple witness UFO sightings, to "devil" sightings as we see above, crypto-zoological creatures, ghosts, spirits and others.

I'm not saying that all those things are the result of people being high, either willingly or unwillingly, or that there isn't the possibility that some of these phenomena are real.

Perhaps there is the possibility that people's perceptions are being "guided".

Governments around the world have consistently sought ways to sculpt the perceptions of people on a mass scale using everything from hallucinogens to electronic gadgetry.

Lt. General William Creasy, Chief Officer US Army Chemical Corps, advocated testing hallucinogenic gasses in the subways of America. He even wanted to spike the water supply of a major city with LSD to gauge its effects as a potential weapon of war. Check out HistoryHouse: LSD and The CIA for more.

Electronically induced hallucinations have been accomplished through various means from flickering lights to intense magnetic fields.

As the spirit of revolution spreads across the globe, certain elements within the governments of the world must be terrified of the potential outcome of a global revolution which would unseat the entrenched power structure.

Rumors of something called "Project Blue Beam" have circulated for years. It is variously described as a faked "Second Coming of The Christ", to a false "alien invasion". In either case, it would serve to unite segments of the world against the false threat and those who stood in opposition to the powers that would defend the world.

So why should you, the casual freedom fighter, be denied the delights of affecting your opponents' psyche and perceptions when all you need is a bottle of grain alcohol and some sulfuric acid? A one to six ratio of grain alcohol to sulfuric acid is used to make Ethylene gas. Formula and preparation HERE.

Welcome to the wonders of the Oracle at Delphi!

Ethylene has been used as an anesthetic and is flammable, so play nice.

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