Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Campbell's Soup and Thirty Pieces Of Silver

If you are unaware of the situation, a state of war exists between the forces of Islam and the United States. A declaration of war was issued by the Muslim Brotherhood, a Sunni organization, late last week. Unlike many Muslim organizations, the Muslim Brotherhood makes no distinctions between the various flavors of Islam and seeks to unite all Muslims in the cause of war against the Infidel.

Typically, Obama has not responded to this declaration, and has not seen fit to even inform the public of the increased danger to not only Americans, but all non-Muslims around the world. Muslims have chosen not to wear a uniform, and confine their attacks to military and government targets. They have chosen to openly attack common citizens, including children, and civilian targets. Essentially, that means you and I.

Be aware of your surroundings, especially the people.

In the meantime, a large corporation has chosen to cozy up to these dirtbags to ensure the flow of coins into their coffers.

Below is an e-mail I sent to Campbell's Soup on Oct 12, 2010.

I understand from an article carried by WorldNet Daily, read article here, that your Canadian division is now offering several "halal" certified products.

I understand that back in 2003, you produced a kosher vegetable soup, but I am unaware if that practice has continued. However, this is not a comment regarding religious "parity".

Regardless of the protestations of many Muslims who claim that they have no connection to continued faith based violence committed in the name of Allah and Islam, I think the bulk of the Muslim population is allied against Western Culture, Western Ideals, other religions, and specifically our American way of life.

I can not continue to purchase, use or consume your products with the knowledge that you have actively chosen to support a population engaged in a war against ME. That's right, me and every other non-Muslim out there.

In case you missed it, the same group that worked with you to establish this line of halal products, also has declared open war on The United States, and by association every single man, woman and child here, regardless of religion or race. Read first article here, second article here
It saddens me greatly that I must do this. Campbell's Soup has been a constant companion throughout my life, but I can not countenance a traitor.

Enjoy your thirty pieces of silver.

*authors note: As of the morning of October 13, I have not received a response from Campbell's other than an automated reply*


Ken said...

...well to be honest,i'll eat what i have stored,BUT no more Campbells products fer me...

...kinda like when Levis sold me out(i still think 'bout that)...anyway,lots of other good products out there,even tho the list grows shorter...

Scott R said...

Well no more soup for me as they are now off my buy list.

Anonymous said...

Nnnooo! Not the Campbell's of the best flu-fighting chicken soup! Will have to get off my lazy duff and make my own. No more Campbell's support from this household's wallet.