Monday, October 12, 2009

Game Over

Yes, little girl, it is going to be dark soon, and they will mostly come at night.

It drives my wife crazy that I don't turn lights on in the house at night. I navigate the entire house in the dark.

And there's a reason for this.

Should people break into your home, you will have the advantage.

We've all seen the shows with the guys in black maneuvering through a building with their tactical lights all ablaze.

To me, a light gives me something to shoot at.

Oh no! They have night vision!

Build yourself some strobe grenades. That will really phuck with them, and give you a precious few seconds to blast them while they deal with blindness and confusion.

Disposable Camera Strobe

Luxeon Strobe <---warning can damage your eyes

12 V Strobe

Practice navigating your home in the dark. If you can't stay up late at night to do this, blindfold yourself and practice.

Count the number of steps on your staircase(s) if you're in a multiple storey building. Practice ascending and descending them in the dark.

Know where all the doors are by instinct.

Keep in mind locations of windows, so you will not be silhouetted against it should a passing light source (flashlight, car, etc) illuminate the window.

Keep in mind those unconventional weapons.

Did you know that you can buy liquid soap in five gallon pails? Might be something nice to dump on people as they come charging up your staircase. In 1999, 27,000 people were killed by falls on staircases.

Just an idea.


idahobob said...

Oh yes....because we know that they are coming.


Anonymous said...

It always pays to be prepared. Good post.

Mayberry said...

We had to do just that in the Navy. Find our way from the engine room to the weather deck blindfolded. I can go anywhere in my house, and find virtually anything in it blindfolded. Fire, intruders, ya never know what could happen....