Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Rise Of Pandemic?

Yesterday, reports began to appear in the mainstream news concerning outbreaks of "Swine Flu". Although reports had begun to appear on the CDC website as early as April 22.

Interestingly, this new flu virus contains genes from swine, avian, and human flu variants. The genes also appear to contain elements that mark them as being from Asian, European, and North American sources. The flu also appears to transmit itself from human to human hosts without the need for animal intermediaries.

This seems to be proven by the appearance of the illness in two school kids in Southern California, neither of whom seem to have had any contact with pigs. There have been eight cases to date in California, and two in Texas. New York is reporting a possible 75 additional cases ( 9 have tested positive so far for this variant ), all of them children attending the same school. The school has now been closed as a precaution.

The flu seems to have had its initial outbreak in Mexico, where it has sickened an estimated 1000 people. The numbers may actually be higher, as not everyone will seek treatment for the flu. The illness has also had 60 deaths attributed to it.

Mexico has sought assistance from Canada in identifying a component of the illness. An estimated 130 people have also developed a severe respiratory condition in conjunction with the flu. The cause has not yet been determined.

Mexico has begun shutting down some schools and other venues in order to limit the spread of the contagion.

The CDC and US government have not attempted to limit cross border travel in order to limit the spread of the disease. In fact, the CDC says that it is "too late" to try and mitigate the spread of the illness.

Tin Foil Hat Time:

Back in February, Baxter International shipped ACTIVE Avian H5N1 (Asian) virus samples that had been mixed with seasonal H3N2 (North American) flu virus to labs in Europe to produce (European) flu vaccines for the European Market. The virus samples were supposed to have been deactivated prior to shipping. Some of the active samples were used to produce a vaccine which was distributed.

Those vaccines were then used on an estimated 36 or 37 people.

The contamination was allegedly discovered by chance by a Czech lab tech who was testing the vaccines on some lab animals. Normally, the vaccines would not affect the lab animals, but when some started dying, an investigation was launched which revealed the active H5N1 virus.

Baxter was allegedly about to receive a Europe wide license to market and distribute an Avian Flu Vaccine. What better way to make your money back on an investment than to artificially create a market.

Viruses are interesting critters. They freely swap genetic coding between each other. This is often how viruses, in effect, "learn" how to infect and use humans as hosts. So, by placing a virus which readily makes humans home with a virus that is trying to learn how to do it, the chances of a genetic exchange increase, as does the possibility of creating a new contagion.

On top of this we have a number of lunatics running around saying that we have to reduce the human population to a more manageable level. The most notable is Eric Pianka, Texas A&M University, who garnered both praise and condemnation in 2006 for advocating that the human population be reduced by 90%.

Then there is the strange deaths of a number of the world's leading microbiologists. Back in 2002, microbiologists began dying at a rate that seems to defy the laws of chance (as many as eleven in five months), and they began dying in some rather unusual manners. Take for instance the five Israeli microbiologists who were on a commercial jetliner in route to Siberia. The plane was shot down by a Ukrainian surface to air missile while over the Black Sea. The incident was ruled an "accident".

Somehow getting blown out of the air by a surface to air missile doesn't seem like an accident to me.

To date, an estimated 14 of the world's leading microbiologists have died in what can only be described as unusual circumstances. An additional 60 microbiologists who were allegedly working on government projects have also met untimely demises.

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ErinAndBrad said...

Jeez - finally someone else is blogging on this!! Thank you cat! The bastards have gone and done it now haven't they> I have been screaming since last night and one one is listening!!!!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Scary S*&t, Catman.

No, I don't think a missle hitting a plane quite qualifies for "accidental" status...

I'm gonna link to this-- a lot of "mommy"-type readers might find it interesting.

Thanks, Cat!

Catman said...

Hey Ernie,

Thanks for dropping by and mentioning this post on your blog. Things are rapidly spiraling out of control. What is the hospital situation like near you? Many ERs closed here in Cali due to being overun by illegals, and financially broken by the illegals. This may be tough to combat as hospitals are being stretched to the breaking point now due to the economy.

Cygnus, scary is right. This could potentially explode in a matter of weeks.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I'm seeing it get a lot of blogger attn-- saw Ernie's last nite, and one-acre homestead tonight...
Maybe we can get folks aware...

Later, Bro

ErinAndBrad said...

Hey cat - thx for article and there is n ow one about Baxter (evil SOB's) that , um, miraculousy have a vaccine????????

ErinAndBrad said...

hey Cat - don't know about the hospital in the big town - try to stay away from it LOL! You r much closer to the problems I think so be alert - both of u!

APN said...

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Catman said...

Done, Tom.

Bullseye said...

Nasty, nasty, nasty. The three words that come to mind while taking all this in Cat. This virus has a mind of it's own and is learning by the day it seems. If nothing else this may help people see the need to prep for anything. Good info brother and thanks for the links. Read Big E's post too. Thank you both for the info.