Monday, April 27, 2009

Preview Of Tomorrow

The below video came by way of TruthOut. If you visit the site, use your filters. Some of the stuff there is pretty heavily skewed politically. It seems to have originally come from The Nation, another left leaning publication. I came across it while researching a disturbing trend here in cash strapped America. It seems some local municipalities are beginning to turn to independent security contractors as an inexpensive replacement for sworn police officers whom they intend to lay off.

I think these images warranted its own post

This particular video highlights the actions of white vigilantes on black people accused of looting, but it could just have as easily been looters versus looters, or neighbors with grudges, or families with bad blood. What you need to pay attention to is the overall climate.

What I would like all of you to think about is how quickly things can go sideways when society falls apart. You need to very seriously think about cooperating with like minded people in your immediate community.

The video references a production entitled "Welcome To New Orleans" It can be viewed here on Google Video. There's quite a bit of political agitprop in the production, but again people need to view how callously everyday people are treated by government representatives, and how violence erupts in the absence of law enforcement. There's a very obvious racial component to the video that is disturbing, as are the images of a dead man left laying under a pile of sheet metal.

The production is an hour long, and is sometimes turgid, but in my opinion, worth watching.

Again, this is not being presented to you as some type of indictment of the action or inaction in the wake of Katrina or the state of race relations in America. It is simply a very visual representation of what happens when civil order breaks down. We often see these types of things on the news, but it is very difficult to relate to Bosnia, Iraq or Somalia.

I'm sure everyone can relate to this.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Nice take on the issue, Catman. All else is lit up specifically on the flu in and of itself (seen the blogroll titles cest soir?). Well, I do note a prepper or three taking tangents... I'll peek @ the vid after a good shower, m'man. Thanks for the great post!

Bullseye said...

It just goes to show that people are little more than animals when put in the right situation. They will do anything when the chance comes along. More reasons to prep. Good post buddy.

Radio Bloger said...

I viewed this video when it first was released (the full version) and you are correct Catman it is full speed leftist propaganda, showing how "evil" the "heartless" white community was and how the "helpless victims of racism" were persecuted.

Interesting is how after the events of that horrid deadly event are more dull in the memories, the propaganda (designed to counter the reality) starts to flow from the twisted minds of the liberal "guns are bad and whites are evil" types.

I am so immune to that guilt-baiting now that it just annoys me and often has the exact opposite effect the propagandists want.

Yes I agree 100% watch about Katrina, the LA riots, and other natural disasters, study carefully and see how negatively the entitlement programs from the government effect the safety and well being of the populous of an area. The more urban and higher proportion of entitlement dependent class the worse the outcome. Government can't even get free hand-outs correct without poisoning the very people they pretend to try and help...

Catman said...

Hey Cygnus,

Thanks man. Hope you enjoyed your shower. A hot shower....I wonder how many people realize what a luxury that is.


Thanks, I changed my icon and put a photo of a'la "Wilson" from "Home Improvement" since you put your image up. Hopefully people are paying attention to the new stuff you have on your blog.


One of my friends was down there during the Rodney King fiasco. He brought back a shirt emblazoned with "LA Games 1992" underneath were the words "Loot. Shoot. Scoot." He said it was something to see. I was on the road coming back from Bakersfield, and couldn't believe what I was hearing on the radio.