Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Genetically Modified Flu

Several posts ago, I posited that this flu was a wee bit too convenient. It was a hunch based on available data at the time.

Now it appears that perhaps my hunch was correct.

The OIE (Organisation Mondiale de la Sante Animale), the preeminent animal health organization, has stated in this press release:

"It is not a classical human influenza virus called seasonal influenza, which causes every year millions of human cases of influenza worldwide but a virus which includes in its characteristics swine, avian and human virus components."

The press release further states:

"The virus has not been isolated in animals to date. Therefore, it is not justified to name this disease swine influenza."

Well, well, well....

We have a virus that mixes components of swine, avian, and human influenzas. Unless I miss my guess, I don't think there have been any reported cases in Mexico of people having sex with pigs in a chicken coop. If anyone has video, make sure you call Geraldo Rivera and Larry Flint, get a bidding war going.

So, just how did this happen?

Maybe Baxter was involved? Remember back in February of this year, Baxter released LIVE Avian H5N1 virus samples mixed in with Human H3N2 virus. Of course, the vials that were released to make flu shots were not labeled as having contained the Avian Flu virus. That was only discovered AFTER those flu shots were administered to over thirty people.

When this "accidental" release occurred Baxter was waiting for a Europe wide license to market and distribute an "Avian Flu Vaccine" it had developed. What a waste of research money if the "Bird Flu" never developed, much like the "Swine Flu" non-epidemic of 1976. Maybe someone decided that the marketing campaign just needed a little push...say, maybe thirty people coming down with the "Bird Flu".

Coincidence? You be the judge.

Sources: Toronto Sun, 27 Feb 2009 Yahoo Canada Wed, 25 Feb 2009

Maybe it was those always fun eggheads in the government labs.

The original "Swine Flu" non-epidemic of 1976 began at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Fort Dix is just a jaunt south of the infamous Plum Island. Rumors of bio-weapon experimentation at Plum Island go back years, with some people making references to it in the vein of "The Island Of Doctor Moreau". The Montauk Monster is rumored to have originated on the island with some dismissing the odd creature simply as a dead canine. What is important to note here is that soldiers have frequently been used as guinea pigs without their knowledge. Everything from studying the effects of radiation, and fallout, to nerve gas and experimental drugs. These issues are mainstream news.

What makes any of us think that they would not use an experimental bio-weapon on soldiers? Maybe testing a few hundred soldiers wasn't enough. Maybe they examined what happened back in 1976 and decided a larger field test was required to examine the propagation of the disease.

Or maybe...(sinister music playing)

This is a planned release with South American Countries and their populations being the target.

Now stick with me here.

We're at the end of the North American flu season. The available sunlight is increasing along with the ambient levels of UV radiation. UV light kills viruses which will limit the spread of the contagion. People spend more time out doors, and thus the levels of sun produced vitamin D increases in their bodies, making infection by the flu virus less likely.

Not so for those south of the equator, where they're beginning the plunge into their winter. The flu loves the cold, dark days with people crowded together indoors where it can spread like a wildfire. Pehaps Hugo Chavez has pissed someone off with his chummy behavior with the Russians and the Chinese.

Maybe the true propagation path is southward, and the few aberrant cases north of the border are just collateral damage and plausible deniability. Maybe it was given a good head start in Mexico in order to make that nation a wee bit more quiescent as it spins onward to full scale civil disorder.

You never know, the Mexican government may have released this on its own people. Mexico is an oligarchy and I'm sure the ruling families are loathe to lose their control to a group of feuding thugs known as the drug cartels, or even worse, the average people.

Our friends at Baxter are working on a vaccine as we speak. I'm sure it will be ready by the time we begin our slide into winter and the next flu season, if it isn't already. Maybe the timeline is just to make things look good. It wouldn't sit well with the conspiracy minded among us to see a vaccine just "magically" appear overnight.

Not to mention, they'd have to administer it to people who probably can't pay for it. No worries, I'm sure we, the American Taxpayer, would somehow get stuck with the bill. Just like the $15 Billion that went to Africa for AIDS.

Other points to consider: The faltering economy has taken a back seat to this story. The Somali Pirates have taken a back seat. The drug wars have taken a back seat. Illegal immigration has sort of taken a back seat. Obama's machiavellian schemes for domination have taken a back seat. Can you think of other things that have faded from view?

A Silver Lining?

Perhaps there's a silver lining to this in a manner of speaking. If we can get the vast majority of people out there to start referring to this as the "GM Flu" (genetically modified flu) and a GMO (genetically modified organism), there is the possibility that the public will make the connection with GM foods, or "Franken-foods".

This could possibly create a public backlash against Monsanto and other purveyors of things like part tomato / part fish type things that look like tomatoes. If people get the idea that there is a serious downside to genetically modified organisms, this could prove to be a public relations nightmare for these agri-giants, and will be better publicity than any money could have bought.

Stop referring to this as the "Swine Flu" since it has yet to have appeared in any pigs, and start calling it for what it is, the "GM Flu".


ErinAndBrad said...

Great blog Cat!! Good ideas/thoughts - very similar to mine. I am wondering too if they want this virus to "change" and become even more virulent as time goes by - maybe even after the vaccine comes to the rescue - seems like they are doing what they can to guarantee a very high kill ratio - letting it out into the environment. Manmade for dern sure it is! Seems like they want to come to the rescue (the gov CDC the WHO etc) and "save us" and then when we think getting better BOOM! IDK - this may just be it now - setting us all up for MLaw before too long.

HermitJim said...

You just never know what the Bad Guys are up to anymore...that's the scary part!

Add to that, false figures to help trigger a panic...and the beat goes on!

Good post!

Bullseye said...

Very interesting thoughts there brother, very interesting indeed. Could this just be distraction ? Very well could be. Another step by the NWO to "weed" us out a little at a time ? Maybe. I'm not really sure but I do know it's hard as hell to get this gas mask on over my tin foil hat. LMAO !!! Wonderful post brother and very though provoking. Just hard to tell what the next week will show us. I'll be watching though and I know you will too.

Catman said...

Hey Ernie, thanks, always feel free to cross post or steal. I'll have to wander by your blog when I get home this afternoon.

Jim, check out the poem "To A Mouse" by Robert Burns (Cygnus would probably enjoy it as well) and take a look at the human reaction to what is going on. I think maybe Burns was talking about people, and and not a mouse. I found it online here: http://www.litscape.com/author/Robert_Burns/To_A_Mouse.html

Thanks, Bullseye. I'm glad you enjoyed the change in my pic. That's the business end of an M1919A6 if you're wondering. Take the hat off, put the mask on, and then put the hat back on. I found that is the best way to do it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

To me this represents another issue that we can rally around to show solidarity and encourage action from those who otherwise would be couch ridden entombed in their consumer based existence.

Use these issues as a platform not to hype fear, but encourage communication free of the censoring major media is a victim of.

People in general feel either over whelmed or disconnected with these issues but if we push people to grab control of their lives through nutrition , awareness , self control we can swing the balance.

If it is this issue or others every time they try to distract us let us come closer to solidarity between race and other boundaries. Just like most spiritual journeys the message cannot be clouded by the story.

The rich controlling the poor has been around since the point of economic conception it is the methods that have changed.

Spread common knowledge of independence and respect before this theology becomes eradication.

27 male california

Catman said...

27 male,

Well said, and the average guy on the street needs to learn that the people who are controlling the media, are controlling his thoughts.

Last night on a Sacramento TV station's 11 o'clock news, they were showing clips from Mexican TV. Some of the Mexicans being interviewed were blaming the American people for what was happening, saying that we deliberately infected them. So, I have to wonder what the scuttlebutt and rumor mongering is like in Mexico, and what the people are being told.

Seems like the common people are being pitted against one another, much like pawns on a chessboard.