Thursday, April 23, 2009

Glimmers Of "Hope"

I think the "glimmers" that Obama is seeing are actually the stars people see after they get hit upside the head with a rock.

Note to Obama: That rock was supposed to be a reality check, not an excuse to run off into Michael Jackson's "Neverland".

Here's what Obama is ignoring when he talks about "glimmers":

Mortgage defaults up 42% nationally over the same period last year.

Defaults in California up 80% over the previous three months.

General Motors receives billions in aid, but will idle plants for nine weeks.

In spite of recent "rallies" in the stock market, it continues its downward trend.

Student loan defaults rise with the continued decline in available jobs.

401K savings accounts disappear while administration mulls seizure of accounts.

The TARP give-away has resulted in TWENTY probes into probable fraud.

The American people were defrauded by AIG which funneled the money into foreign banks.

The second largest US owner of malls files for bankruptcy protection amid continued contraction of the economy.

Commercial property soon to be next foreclosure mess. Proof it has already started. Don't believe me? Look at this and this.

Police agencies expect violence as a result of economic downturn to increase.

Shotgun wedding of Fiat and Chrysler may not happen as Fiat posts losses. Fiat plays games, aims to break UAW and stick US taxpayer with the bill for Chrysler.

ALCOA, Yahoo, Cessna Aircraft, cities, counties, and states continue furloughs, and layoffs.

Well, when you want for nothing because you can always loot the peasants while calling them extremists for opposing the abuse, I guess there will always be glimmers of hope.

Because we will keep throwing rocks. Some of you hangers on in his entourage might want to give him a helmet before you lose your meal ticket.


APN said...

Don't forget the massive numbers of Credit Card defaults that are about to happen, now that people cant refinance their homes to pay off their credit cards. Credit cards are the #1 method these guys rely on for the consumer to continue to drive the economy. When the Credit Card companies shut down, that will be the final death blow to the economy

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Well, I'm hopeful.
That it all hurries up and crashes.

You rock, Cat.