Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Obama: One Thug To Control Them All

Remember the Middle Earth series of books by J.R.R Tolkien? Remember "One Ring To Rule Them All"?

Well, it seems that our blessed president is living the thug life on our nickel, and working to tighten his grip upon those of us dwelling here in the land of electrons and thought. You really need to check out the article at Mother Jones, "Should Obama Control the Internet?"

Basically, the traitors who run around on The Hill want to give the president the ability to SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET in the interest of "national security".

May I be quite frank with all of you out there?

I posted a few days back that I've been overwhelmed as of late. It isn't just the job, aging parents, taxes, and the house. It is the tidal wave of madness that confronts each of us every day. I blew a gasket the day I heard the news that the mayor of Flint, Michigan wants to ABANDON sections of the city.

I used to have a 1971 Chevelle. God, I wish I still had that beast. Good old GM A-Body that rolled out of Flint. She was a ride, one that scared people half to death at times. Oh, not a big block or an SS. She started out as a "granny grocery getter", and I bought her from a guy I went to high school with. The first thing I did was remove the bar that he had installed in the trunk.

Yep. The car had a bar in the trunk. Complete with lights and a sink.

I wanted to use her as a daily driver, but reasonable on the fuel economy. The 350 went bye-bye in favor of a 327 out of a wrecked 68 'Vette. The TH350 was replaced with a Borg Warner World Class T-5. Holly 600 cfm dual feed, double pumper, Accel Super Coil and solid core wires. No stereo because the ignition system was so noisy. Hell, that low, shake your teeth loose, rumble that would build into a roar when you jumped on the gas was the only music I wanted anyways.

It was always funny pulling up next to another vehicle and having my ignition system buzz through their stereo.

The clutch in the thing was out of a dump truck. Everything else would slip. I had to use a hydraulic clutch actuator because I'd bend the steel clutch rods. This was back in the 80's before all the really trick multiple disk clutches with hydraulic throw out bearings and stuff like that came around.

That is Flint, Michigan to me. Every time I hear the song "Rag Doll", I think of that car.

Can you imagine abandoning sections of a city? No police. No fire. No street lights. No garbage collection. Empty store fronts and buildings. What the *&^%$ is this country coming to?

Now, instead of addressing REAL issues and problems, Obama wants to be able to shut off the 'net.

If you missed the story it has shown up in blogs, on websites (including Stormfront a white supremacist site), even on Alex Jones' sites. It's just freaking crazy!

When this dropped, Stockton California (not far from me) announced that they were going to shed THIRTY percent of its police force. The response from the citizenry? They formed a militia to take over street patrols. They intend to be armed. Some areas of Stockton aren't good places to have a flat tire. Stockton is hurting. It's hurting so bad that a strip club has "Two Dollar Tuesdays" billboards up all over town.

A friend of mine told me that the Whitehouse Gardener was fired today because he asked if anyone had seen the hoe and spade..... I didn't know if he was serious or not.....he later admitted it was just a really bad joke.

So, that's what I mean about being overwhelmed. My mind is everywhere, and nowhere at the same time. Sometimes I find it difficult to be coherent at work. The only productive thing I have done is put together a "Get Back Home Bag" that will enable me to hoof it home if things go really bad really fast. I hope I'm 10 miles away instead of 300 when it does. Oh, if you're doing the same thing (building a bag), get a machete to add to it. There's something to be said for the intimidation factor. Sometimes a really big knife works better than a really big gun. Always have the right tool for the job.

So, now Mr. Thug-Life has control of the banks and Wall Street. He has control of one of the most powerful military organizations in the world. He has control of the minds of millions of mouth breathing morons in this country. He has control of the House and Senate. He has control of the indoctrination camps called "schools".

Anyone wanna guess what he intends to seize control of next?

Oh, by the way....have you seen the new Presidential Limo?


Radio Bloger said...

We know what is about to hit the radar...

Stay strong Catman we may think it is the worst thing, but in the end it may well be the best (just painful).

Bitmap said...

Don't you know that the primary purpose of the internet is not the exchange of idea and information? The primary purpose is for middle school kids to watch porn.

Flint is just following Detroit in trying to stop throwing money away on areas that can't be salvaged.

"Anyone wanna guess what he intends to seize control of next?"

My prediction is this: Now that he has changed GM to "Government Motors" he and congress will set about creating subsidies and tax breaks to try and drive Ford over the edge to bankruptcy and force them to take a "bailout". The new name for it will be "Federally ORDained" Motor Company.

Red said...

Now that is one ghetto fabulous ride.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Keep at 'em, Catman! I'm on an auto repair quest: more verbiage when
I can.

Hey-- I'll be in the city of San Fransisco the week after Independence Day.
Just info, Bro...

Take Care

Catman said...


I'll treat for dinner. It's about a two hour ride, but if you're up to it... it would be my honor!

Radio, thanks for your words. Bitmap, I appreciate what you contributed. Red, and I thought the mile high 4 wheelers we have around here were tall....

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Catman: email me. I'm flying in to Reno, Nv, to a friends. We'll likely drive to S.F., so meeting in the middle, or what the heck ever...

I'd be honored... Honestly.