Sunday, April 19, 2009

2nd Post Today: Chuck Norris To Run For President of Texas

Chuck Norris for President of Texas

He says, "I may run for president of Texas. That need may be a reality sooner than we think."

Friday, April 17, 2009

Martial-arts master Chuck Norris has his sights set on becoming more than a Texas Ranger - he has volunteered to run as the state's first president.

Norris, who played TV hardman Cordell Walker in hit series Walker, Texas Ranger, has put himself up for the job of running the region after discussing the possibility of the state seceding from U.S. control during a rant on's political blog.

The actor, who is a staunch Republican, insists Texans want an independent state after being let down by the American government - and thinks he'd be the ideal candidate to lead the Lone Star state's revolution.

He says, "I may run for president of Texas. That need may be a reality sooner than we think. If not me, someone someday may again be running for president of the Lone Star state, if the state of the union continues to turn into the enemy of the state.

"Anyone who has been around Texas for any length of time knows exactly what we'd do if the going got rough in America."

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Here's a link to Chuck's interview with Glenn Beck.

Damn, just our luck! We got stuck with a son-of-a-Nazi here in California! Go, Chuck, Go! Anyone in Texas willing to sponsor a refugee from California if you guys secede? I've got my own guns and stuff....


Anonymous said...

I'll sponsor you if need be, but get over Chuckie Poo. He made this statement quite a while back. He turned his back on the Oath Keepers, seems if you're not big enough to bring him headlines, ie: Glenn Beck/CNN, he don't hear you. He's not anyone we'd want for any position including dog catcher down here. I'd sooner vote for Kay Bailey.

Benjamin Franklin said...

"Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God."

George Washington is with us...But Lyman Hall is not yet. Care to join us?

Catman said...

Thanks, YeOldFurt...I appreciate it, so you're saying he's just another poser, eh? Too bad....

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Catman, poser or not-- Hermit has coffee and we'd love to harbor another feline and Felinae...

Radio Bloger said...

I have to agree with YeOldFurt, as much as I love the promoted attitude of Norris, it is clear that it has been an act designed to attract attention. I figure it is the last desperate effort of a washed out actor looking for a new project.

Regardless, he is particularly ill suited to be the head of any small group - far from capable of reasonably becoming the head of state for a new republic.

If you look into his politics you will find that he puts on the act but his true allegiance lies with the neocon agenda and the zionist first type of religious position.