Sunday, February 13, 2011

Food: It is that bad.

The food situation in the world is rapidly becoming worse. In spite of the developed world's decades long effort to alleviate hunger around the globe, it is estimated that someone starves to death every 3.6 seconds.

Rising food prices and scarcity have already played a part in the overthrow of the governments in Tunisia, and Egypt. Other Middle East nations' governments are also feeling the pressure of unrest among their citizenry as prices push past a family's means.

Business Insider has published The Top 25 Countries Whose Governments Could Get Crushed By Food Inflation. Just as an aside, while you're over there, check this out: Photos Of What People Keep In Their Fridge. I swear one has what looks like laundry in it, and another has a frozen rattlesnake. Just weird.

Back to the subject at hand, look at what some people in some countries have to spend to feed themselves. In the Ukraine, people spend over 60% of what they earn to feed themselves. Many others are pushing 50%.

Those of you here in the United States, imagine that. If you had to set aside fifty cents out of every dollar you took home just to feed your family. How would you manage everything else? Fuel? Shelter? Clothing? Medical care? It boggles the mind, especially considering that some families struggle to meet every one's minimum needs.

Then on top of it all, compare what the average family in those countries earn per year. Food isn't cheaper in those countries because people earn less. Often it is more expensive because many of these countries have to import food.

Maybe some residents in Canada will be able to identify with this situation, as it was recently reported that people are spending $29.00 for Cheez Wiz and $38.00 for Cranberry Cocktail.

One must consider that we may have already pushed past the precipice when it comes to food availability and price stability. The continuing unstable weather patterns and extreme weather events that have devastated crops around the world are likely to persist in the foreseeable future.

So what does this mean?

How about counterfeit food? Think I'm kidding?

How To Make Fake Eggs

While fake eggs have plagued the Chinese consumer for about ten years now, as scarcity and rising prices continue, the effort to produce and market these bogus items will likely escalate. Unconfirmed news reports say that these fake eggs have also been found in other Asian nations.

Watch the video below and watch fake eggs, grapes, and intestines being made from chemicals.

Fake rice made from plastic?

There have been reports of bottled olive oil being cut with other "oils". There hasn't been a definitive list issued as to what adulterates the olive oil, but one report said that it was "synthetic". When someone says "synthetic", I think motor oil.

Click on the links below the covers to read more about the book. Click on the covers to be taken to the download site.

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Mayberry said...

Heh. I was just thinking about a spring garden. Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow...


But wait, there's more!

Google "UG99 Fungus". This is now threatening 80% of entire global wheat crop. It comes from Africa.

Why do all of the wicked medical and plant problems affecting humans come out of Africa?

People are starving global and we are paying our farmers not to grow crops. Better yet, we are burning up millions of meals every time we fill our cars gas tank. Plus, to add insult to injury the process of making ethanol takes more energy to refine than it produces.

Is it me or does it seem that our so-called elected leaders are totally asleep at the wheel?

vlad said...

Please do not suggest the OPEC and others stuff
huge amounts of cash money into the pockets of
the honorable, incorruptible ladies and gentlemen
in congress to ensure a continued ban on growing
industrial hemp is USA. (Hemp aint pot.)
If that were true I would have no assurances left.

idahobob said...

Made our seed order last week.


Shy Wolf said...

...and now there are the wonderful ethanol commercials declaring that 'not one American soldier has died defending ethanol production' or that 'not one animal has suffered from an ethanol spill any where in the world'.
I've got a letter in the works to the ethanol industry to tell them what I think of them. Not that it'll matter. One or one thousand voices crying in the hurricane are still unheard.

Ken said...

...yep they definitely won over the sheeple with the ethanol game... as fuel,growing meat in jar,fake food,cannibalism isn't that far

Catman said...

Mayberry, right there with you.

Mr. Big. Yep. Don't you love how much people love money more than their fellow man?

Vlad. Hemp and even Cannabis is a sore subject with me. I say just decriminalize it, treat it like alcohol, and make people responsible for their own behavior. Hemp can be used for everything from food and textiles to fuel. Government is being stupid.

Idaho. I hope we all have a long enough growing season to be able to use our seeds.

Shy, people can make ethanol out of non-food sources. I think people ought to be able to produce their own.

Ken, almost Biblical, ain't it?