Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Rumors Of Seizures

Head on over to fellow blogger Sherrie's site, Sherrie Questioning All, to view this posting:

RED ALERT email between Metal Experts - about Confiscation of Gold and Silver by the U.S. Government - Potentially this year for a NewWorld Currency - from Multiple High Inside Sources.

Rumors of precious metals seizures are nothing new, but given the severe situation with budget, the debt, and rumors of "Red Money" resurfacing in conversations I've been party to, it can't hurt to keep an ear to the ground.

TSA comes under fire again as employees admit to repeatedly stealing money from passengers

Oh look. I haven't seen this in the American media, but the British have no qualms about skewering the TSA. Thanks all you American media types out there schilling for Totalitarians!

I wish it was just cash. They stole all my Klein hand tools out of checked luggage when I had to fly to L.A. to do a job couple of years back. Broke my O-scope too.

*&%$ers. Phone calls to them and the airline were useless. Fel laughs because every single time I fly, the "random" luggage search seems to land on me. My bags are always rifled through with that ever friendly note left behind about how they're doing it for our safety.

Chances up for federal shutdown

Praise the Lord! Some good news! Now if only they would stop paying themselves, maybe the debt would start heading in the right direction.

The subject of this book, A Renegade History Of The United States, came up over at Mayberry's place. Thought maybe you'd like to check out an interview with the author. I looked for an e-book version to link to, but sadly could not find one.

However, I did find these. Click the cover to go to the download site. Click the titles below the covers to learn more about the book.

Locksmithing 2nd Edition

Clinical Aromatherapy

Video: Thunder Ranch Defensive Handgun - Logical Solutions For The Real World

Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


Bitmap said...

The saddest part of the tsa saga is that when enough people have had enough mistreatment, refuse to fly, and bankrupt the airlines, then the fedgov will step in and subsidize them. Then unionized tsa "agents" will be paid to stand around and do nothing.


If I remember my news correctly didnt they just arrest a TSA agent/baggage checker from PHILLY, PA for taking items out of travelers luggage and selling them on E-BAY.

If one of them is doing it I am sure he is now clueing his friends to what and how to do this.

Pilots caught drunk or sleeping while in flight, stealing your personal items/cash, getting felt up by some double breasted big butt government nanny is enough excuse for me to stay off all flights and stay home.

Bitmap--forget about ruining the airlines lets all(entire United States)stay at home this year and kill all the business at the most popular summertime destinations. It may come to us having no choice in the matter when gas hits $10.00 a gallon or more and we are paying $50.00 for a bag of patato's