Thursday, February 17, 2011

New York Disaster Manual + Stuxnet

If you didn't get a chance to read about Litterbox Links, check out the post from Wednesday.

On Tuesday it was New York publishing an app for free condoms.

Today, they're publishing a "Doomsday Manual" according to the folks over at The Blaze.

I haven't had a chance to read through it (available for download here), but according to The Blaze, "How should judges, lawyers, and public health officials respond to a chemical weapon attack? What happens if a mass terrorist attack forces a quarantine, large-scale evacuations, or the slaughter of private animals? Those are the questions that a new doomsday manual put out by the New York state court system and the state bar association hopes to answer."

Personally, I'm all for people being prepared, but .... well, I won't tell any lawyer jokes.

There is a more serious side to this issue. For literally decades, people have laughed at and derided survivalists and preppers. And to an extent, much of the mainstream media still does look at us like a bunch of crazies. The government labels us extremists and even terrorists at times.

Yet, quietly, almost stealthily those same organizations that have heaped scorn upon those people being proactive in preparing for any eventuality, have been doing the same.

They've built huge underground installations (check out Project Camelot's photos), squirreled away seeds in a massive arctic vault, established a defacto national militarized police force known as FEMA, established by Executive Order 12127 . FEMA has had its powers consistently widened by subsequent EOs.

If you want a good idea of what FEMA has been granted the power to do, check out the article FEMA Executive Orders.

You have to ask yourself, "Why"? If we're all crazy.....

Now they're expanding it down to the lowest levels of the government, even though we know none of these people will ever be allowed into Mount Weather.

If you hadn't heard, the Stuxnet Worm has been stolen. Read more here: Anonymous Hackers Release Stuxnet Worm Online.

This is going to be really fun if someone decides to be Tyler Durden and create a real life "Project Mayhem" and targets banks, credit card companies, trading companies and exchanges, and government systems.

It isn't outside the realm of possibility. I know many people have taken to keeping the bare minimum in their bank accounts and have moved to hard assets, but if you haven't or can't, watch for any oddities when you use your credit or ATM cards, in your statements, and in general when you interface with computer systems.

If you hear about places suddenly being unable to process transactions, it may be time to get what you can. The economy is a bunch of linked computers with nothing but 1's and 0's saying this money goes here or there, and you have this much, and they have that much. Most people don't even have an up to date passbook anymore.

If they go down....

Of course, this may be the perfect ruse for those in power to shut down the Internet. Or they may just blame the shutdown on Stuxnet.


russell1200 said...

They never said special people should not worry: just normal folks.

NYC, followed by LA and DC, is probably the top terrorist/attack target in the country.

I looked through it quickly. It mostly shows that the State of NY can suspend normal rights and procedures in an emergency. Although that sounds scary, it is rather obvious if you think about it. For example, if someone invaded NYC, they would not need to ask permission to move the prisoners kept their to a new facility provided that an emergency was declared.

There are rather obvious areas for abuse, but the document does not seem to be trying to stretch the power of the State beyond where it already is.

Shy Wolf said...

Mom always used to say, "They who laff last laff best." We can begin laffing now- especially while we load a few more magazines.
It's got to the point where I'm dealing only in cash now, and some stores have even posted signs saying "Cash Only", so some owners are reading the tea leaves.
We're boarding for a fast, bumpy ride, Catman- thanks for keeping us informed.