Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What We Have Become

Denny's Pancake Brawl - story at The Republican via

Last night, I expressed to the wife that I don't feel anything anymore. I have been watching the footage of the aftermath of the earthquake in New Zealand. I've watched the video of people being shot down in the streets of Tripoli. I used to have empathy for victims of any type of tragedy, or injustice.

I don't anymore. I don't feel anything. No anger. No sadness. Not even a "well, you asked for it". Nothing. I feel more for roadkill than I do my fellow human beings right now.

This fight was over the fact that someone didn't have maple syrup at their table. What are you willing to fight over? What are you potentially willing to lose your life over?

A word to the guy in the booth being pummeled, there are knives and forks on the table.... use them.


Shy Wolf said...

I'm with you on 'feeling nothing' for the calamities befalling the world today, though I will amend that by saying I feel more and more angry and angst every day. Just nothing for the people. Otherwise, we're getting what we've asked for, I guess- we can't walk into a bee hive and not expect to get stung.
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What if it's today? - A survivalist's blog said...

Behavior like this is common among people in their teens and twenties – it’s part of the belief that the humankind is there to serve them. I was amazed by the way all the spectators just sat there and either watched or tried to ignore what was going on. I suppose I'm glad they just hit each other and it didn't escalate. If someone started attacking me that way I don't think I would have used the knives and forks, I'd just have gone for my gun.

Anonymous said...

Two things....the way that one guy was swinging at the guy sitting down....he was leaving himself wide open, why the guy sitting did nothing??? Seems like the manager as well as some employee didn't do a lot to get rid of the ptoblem. is so common today....the innocent as well as the guilty are treated the same...that to me is pure BS.

Radio Bloger said...

The biggest problem is the fact that it was allowed to escalate. My rule of thumb is to never let it get to the point of fisticuffs.

I open cary now any assault on me or people near me could likely end as a deadly event - I have no tolerance for stupidity I expect the same.

Act like a human with a brain or not, refuse to act like a civil human get treated like a rabid animal.

This also sounds like it could be the Atlantic Seaboard possibly NJ or NY and that culture (or lack of it) relishes conflict over civility.

When TSHTF the Atlantic Seaboard is going to tear itself apart - good riddance.

Mayberry said...

I too am "comfortably numb". I just can't bring myself to care for people who volunteer to be slaves.

Catman said...

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