Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's OUR money!

New York City launches app for free condoms

New York City has a $2.4 Billion Dollar deficit.

This is what they do in New York when they can't pay the bills. Look for more people to screw. Safely. Now there's an app for that.

Government debt to exceed U.S. economy

From the Washington Times:

"Mr. Obama's budget projects that 2011 will see the biggest one-year debt jump in history, or nearly $2 trillion, to reach $15.476 trillion by Sept. 30, the end of the fiscal year. That would be 102.6 percent of GDP..."


What happens when your financial liabilities exceed your income? Well, our nation's debt increases by $4 BILLION dollars each day, so your guess is as good as mine since no one has turned of the government's credit cards and seized assets for creditors....yet.


Police layoffs make crime-plagued Camden all the worse

Cut Fire Departments

The kid is right, they mostly come at night...mostly.

All the while....

Legislative leaders approve raises for some staff

Some City Workers Get Big Raises

And the crying never stops from our "leadership"...

California Faces Massive Cuts If Taxes Fail

Screw 'em all. I'm not falling for the shakedown. Neither should you.

Few residents signing petitions to keep street lights on

These folks aren't.


Ken said...

...progressing,almost to their plan huh?...things are gonna get real serious,real quick,when their money's gone...

btw,blog looks good...

Spud said...

Dandy Don would be singing already.

Catman said...

Hey guys,

It is just a mess. I don't think any of these bozos will ever understand anything, even when they're dangling by their necks.