Monday, February 7, 2011

Toilet Causes Bomb Scare and other stuff

Toilet placed outside Towson courthouse causes bomb scare

Do you ever get to the point when you look at the antics and stupidity of some of your fellow countrymen that you want to maybe look into becoming a French citizen by joining the Foreign Legion?

Seriously....sending a robot to inspect an abandoned toilet.

Oh, and here we go....evil American Survivalist Cult.....

Survivalist couple killed in police shoot-out

Something for you to practice if you're snowbound. Lock picking. Fun for the whole family!

Modifying a SouthOrd 8-Pin Tubular Pick to a 7-Pin

Tubular Lockpicking Diagram

MIT Guide To Lockpicking

Bumping Locks

CIA Field Expedient Key Casting Manual

Impressioning Manual For Amateur Locksmiths

Improvised Lockpicks


HermitJim said...

Just makes me want to shake my head in wonder...and I can't help but laugh a little about just how jumpy we have become about things!

Just a sign of the times, I guess!

idahobob said...

I reckon that they were afraid that there was a stink bomb in that toilet, eh?

Heh, heh.

But seriously, a "survivalist cult"??



Catman said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for your thoughts, as always! Glad you got a chuckle!