Monday, February 21, 2011

Wisconsin: It is already at your door

This past week in Wisconsin, people ran around in circles demanding more of Nothing.

Nothing. That's right, NOTHING.

Unions took to the streets to protest the prospect of their members having to shoulder more of the burden of their retirement and health care. Even with the proposed increases, the union membership would still have a relatively (compared to many Americans) well compensated position, and the prospect of a stable position.

But no, that's not good enough. They want to keep everything they have, even though what they have was gained often through strong arm tactics that held populations hostage. Even though the rank and file made modest gains once their demands were satisfied, the people who really benefited were never even acknowledged.

Graft, corruption, payoffs and "quid pro quo " deals are the hallmarks of big business. Make no mistake, Unions are big business.

Big business, which includes banks, government, NGOs, IGOs (including The Federal Reserve as a participant in the IMF) have systematically looted the wealth from every nation, every people on the face of the Earth. If you happened to click on the Federal Reserve link, did you notice that it had a .gov address? It isn't part of the United States' Government. It is a private entity.

Check out The Creature From Jekyll Island.

Parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

If you're still not entirely sure of exactly what the Federal Reserve System is, listen to the above lecture from the author of the book, G. Edward Griffin. While you do so, remember that his work has never been, to my knowledge, challenged, nor has any legal action been taken to attempt to hold Griffin accountable for what some may consider slander or libel.

You seriously have to wonder why. If it isn't true.....

Still don't believe it? Look here and watch the prices soar over the decades. Remember, paper is paper, and ink is ink, and the printing presses do not magically give currency a greater value over time. In fact, it tends to do exactly the opposite.

So, why do I say the unions are fighting over nothing?

What do you think a paper dollar is worth? Now you understand why they want more of them. Because they are worth nearly nothing when compared to the commodities that people need to live.

It is at your door. Right now. Community after community, state after state, and nation after nation are going bankrupt. They can't play today and pay tomorrow like they have for decades. The keg is empty, and the party is over.

So, what are you going to do?

Waste your time running around in the streets shouting angry slogans, or have you finally awakened to the fact that Aesop's Ant was right, and now you better get what you can while you can.

Before that angry mob awakens to the fact that they've been used as tools and have been distracted from the real threat.

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HermitJim said...

Going to be a lot more unrest coming our way before it's over with!

Hope everyone's ready, 'cause here it comes!