Monday, January 24, 2011

Did You Miss Jesse Ventura's

"Conspiracy Theory" Police State Episode?

This is the episode where Jesse Ventura meets up with Alex Jones and confronts elected officials about the existence of detainment centers, also known as FEMA Camps.

I missed it when it originally aired and so I went about trying to find a good quality copy of the original episode. I found one that I was happy with and so I'm sharing the link with you.

There's been a lot of talk about this show and how TruTV has allegedly bowed to pressure to remove the episode from rotation, and prevent re-airings of the broadcast. Most of the episodes of "Conspiracy Theory" can be watched online off the TruTV website, but this one isn't one of them.

TruTV is part of the Turner Broadcasting System, founded by Ted Turner but now under the control of Time Warner.

If you missed the show and aren't satisfied with the clips that can be found on YouTube, you can download the entire episode and watch it on your computer. If you have watched it, but want to have other people see this, send them the link or better yet, get the file and burn it to a DVD.

Click the link below to download:

Conspiracy Theory Season Two, Episode Four, "Police State"


HermitJim said...

Many thanks, my friend, for the link! This is one of the episodes that I missed!

You always have the coolest links, buddy!

idahobob said...

Thank Yuuuuu!


Anonymous said...

I already saw this episode and must say it was rather enlightening. Interestingly though, they pulled Conspiracy Theory off the air, but I've watched Decoded on the History Channel and think it's just as controversial.

Catman said...

Hi Jim and Bob,

Glad you found the link useful. Just doing my part to make sure I wind up with you guys in the camp!


I don't watch that much TV, so I'll have to head on over and check out Decoded. My mom watches the History Channel all the time (one of the advantages of being retired, I suppose). Thanks for the heads up!