Monday, January 31, 2011

Gunfighting Videos

I found these available for download. I don't host any of the files I link to (and I didn't put them up either), so once they're gone, they are gone.

You need to download all parts to view the video.

These are from Suarez International.

Close Range Gun Fighting

Gabe_Suarez_-_Close-range_Gunfighting.part1.rar (256 Mb)
Gabe_Suarez_-_Close-range_Gunfighting.part2.rar (256 Mb)
Gabe_Suarez_-_Close-range_Gunfighting.part3.rar (256 Mb)
Gabe_Suarez_-_Close-range_Gunfighting.part4.rar (256 Mb)
Gabe_Suarez_-_Close-range_Gunfighting.part5.rar (174.2 Mb)

Shotgun Gunfighting

Shotgun_Gunfighting_-_Suarez.part01.rar (100 Mb)
Shotgun_Gunfighting_-_Suarez.part02.rar (100 Mb)
Shotgun_Gunfighting_-_Suarez.part03.rar (100 Mb)
Shotgun_Gunfighting_-_Suarez.part04.rar (100 Mb)
Shotgun_Gunfighting_-_Suarez.part05.rar (100 Mb)
Shotgun_Gunfighting_-_Suarez.part06.rar (100 Mb)
Shotgun_Gunfighting_-_Suarez.part07.rar (100 Mb)
Shotgun_Gunfighting_-_Suarez.part08.rar (100 Mb)

Kalashnikov Rifle Gunfighting

Kalashnikov.Rifle.Gunfighting.part1.rar (103.4 Mb)
Kalashnikov.Rifle.Gunfighting.part2.rar (103.4 Mb)
Kalashnikov.Rifle.Gunfighting.part3.rar (103.4 Mb)
Kalashnikov.Rifle.Gunfighting.part4.rar (103.4 Mb)
Kalashnikov.Rifle.Gunfighting.part5.rar (90.1 Mb)


Police State America said...

Good stuff Catman, thank you. The links for parts 2-6 of close range are pointing to part 1 of shotgun though.

Catman said...

Hey Police State,

Thanks for letting me know the links were not right. They should be corrected.