Friday, January 28, 2011

The Beginning Of Systemic Failure

Mike Ruppert, who brought us the movie "Collapse" is out with a YouTube post warning that what we are witnessing in the world today is the beginning of the collapse we've all been talking about.

Watch the video from Mike below.

Revolution is spreading around the globe now. Exactly how far it is allowed to progress is anyone's guess. There may be severe attempts to curtail it, or even attempts by the Elite to get ahead of it, control it, and ride it out to further their agenda.

The attempts to stop the spread of revolt came out hard and fast in Egypt. The state shut off the internet, jammed cell communications and there are reports that land line phone service has been sporadic. There are reports of police and members of the military joining the protesters. It is difficult to keep a corrupt regime in place when the shock troops of oppression begin to desert.

It appears that Syria may also have shut down the internet to avoid the contagion of revolution.

Mubarak has fired the entire government in hopes of saving his hoary ass, but the people of Egypt upon hearing the news took to the streets again demanding he step down. Rumors are that the wealthy and connected have already fled Egypt, among them is reputed to be Mubarak's son taking along some 100 pieces of luggage.

In the Middle East, they've gone beyond riots and are actually forcing a change. The revolution has spread from Tunisia, to Egypt, and now into Jordan. The Albanians have also begun protesting their government. Late last year, we saw severe rioting in Greece and other areas. Maybe this will be a catalyst to move Western people's demands for freedom and an end to corruption from mere rioting to revolution.

One country, Kuwait, is handing out to each citizen $3,500.00 plus FOOD each month for the next 13 months in order to thwart the public's desire for change. The leadership in that nation says it is to celebrate its independence and a couple of other significant anniversaries. In Kuwait, gasoline is 78 cents per gallon. Power and water are also cheap, so the buyoff of a restive public is pretty obvious.

Similar buyoffs are happening in other wealthy Arab states, and already they have been warned that this type of largesse can not continue as demand for oil shrinks, and the price continues to rise.

It is just a matter of time. Feeding a lion is fine as long as you have food to feed it. When you're out of food....

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Ken said...

...bummer,did not even consider the issues between isreal and egypt(kinda forgot actually)...that kicks it up a notch or two...

R3volution said...

Catman, THANK YOU !!! Both of these titles are going to be great reads and I am certain that they will come in handy.

Thanks again for all that you have done and continue to do to help all of us out in being prepared for TSHTF . You are one of our most valued allies and I am certain that I am not alone when I say , WE ALL APPRECIATE YOUR TIME AND EFFORTS !

God Bless and Good Luck !


Catman said...

Hey Ken,

Yes, there is much to consider when looking at what is going on.

Hi R3v! It's been awhile. Thank you for your kind words. Like I said earlier, just doing my part so I can join all of you in the camps!