Sunday, January 9, 2011

Things Are Gonna Get Hot

The people who are seeking to control the population have just been handed an ACE to play in their hand with the shooting down in Arizona. I've been reading the online diatribes from the brain dead, left wing, socialists running around out there calling for even more gun control.

Forget the talk about the shooter being potentially being some kind of Manchurian candidate, his rumored ties to the US Army, or his possible motives to go whack a Congress critter and a Federal judge. Personally, it pains me that so many people who may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time got a chance to dance the Baghdad Boogie.

The one thing that this shooting points out to anyone who wants to take a real close look at the issue is the fact that "law enforcement" can not, and often will not, protect you.

Here's a member of congress that has had threats made against her, and had her offices vandalized. Surely SOMEONE in THE GOVERNMENT (that includes local police in Tucson) would have been paying attention and provided her with some type of security.


Once again it was a couple of average Joes who jumped the attacker.

Not the local cops. Not the FBI. Not "Homeland Security". Not Janet Napolitano or even Barack Hussein Obama himself.

Nope. People like you and me stopped this rampage from continuing.

And now there are cries for even more gun control. Australia decided to ban guns after something known as "The Port Arthur Massacre". The resulting ban on guns in Australia resulted in a reported THREE HUNDRED PERCENT INCREASE IN HOMICIDES in the state of Victoria alone.

Now, statistics can be skewed and massaged to support an agenda. I found it difficult to find raw numbers of Australia's before gun control and after gun control statistics. So, let's just compare the evil and violent United States against Australia, the model for successful gun confiscation.

Rape Victims: Australia ranks second. United States thirteen. Australia was beaten out by that horrible third world nation known as New Zealand. It must be the sheep.

Rape per Capita: Australia ranks third. United States nine. Australia was bested by South Africa and the Seychelles.

Robbery Victims: Australia ranks third. United States sixteen. Australia bested by Poland and Italy.

Perception of Safety, burlary: Australia ranks eleven. United States four. We were bested by Finland, Austria, and Sweden.

Perception of Safety, walking in the dark: Australia ranks number seven. United States three. We were beaten by only Sweden and Canada.

Total Number of Crime Victims: Australia is number one. United States is fifteen.

Australia's population is estimated to be roughly 21,874,900

The population of the United States is estimated to be 307,006,550.

The United States has roughly fourteen times the population of Australia, a gun free country. They have a fraction of the population of the United States and they still manage to beat us out in the number of people who are victims of some type of crime.

So much for gun control making the country more safe. It seems to have made it more violent. Some fool somewhere managed to equate guns with crime and snowed the brain dead with that bunch of hooey. So now they have more crime. Its just that the crimes are not being committed with guns.

And now here at home the drum beat continues, and the fools march along behind the pied pipers called politicians and celebrities.

So, they've taken away your right to farm and feed yourself with S.510. The right to treat your own illnesses using natural foods with the adoption of Codex Alimentarius.

Now Obama wants to license you to use the Internet.

Force you to eat insects.

Suffer warrantless searches and seizures.

And God Himself knows what else they have planned

Does anyone see where this is going?

If you're the hacker or tech type, visit this site and grab the files before it gets yanked. You may need the info sooner than you think.



Anonymous said...

Just ran across you tonight. Good work here.

We only lose the rights we choose to surrender.



Catman said...

Hey Arctic,

Thanks for coming by and the kind words.

Resist, I will indeed.