Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some E-Book Selections

Today, I've found some e-books that may interest you. Everything from how people, businesses, and governments screw with your mind to recreating your favorite restaurant dishes at home.

Click on the cover images to be taken to the download sites.

We'll start out with "Thought Manipulation: The Use And Abuse of Psychological Trickery" by Sapir Handelman.

Read what had this to say about the book.

Next is "Emerald Architecture: Case Studies In Green Building"

Here is's link to the book. There are no reviews yet published.

Then we have "A General Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine".

Amazon's Link here.

Last but not least, "Even More Top Secret Recipes: More Amazing Clones Of America's Favorite Brand Name Foods."

With everyone trying to save money and foregoing that night out, why deprive yourself of some of your most favorite restaurant style dishes?

Barnes And Noble link here.


Ken said...

...i've got the 'top secret recipes' book somewhere...don't remember the 'even more' part in the title...gonna find out if it's the same(re-marketed) or a continuation of...thanx Catman

Catman said...

Hey Ken,

There's a bunch of these books with similar titles. Hope this one is a new one for you!