Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why They Want To Ban Guns

Watch this video by clicking this link. It will open a new window with a full screen display of just a few Americans with their toys.

Realize that as heavily regulated as firearms are in this country, everything shown here is legal to own. Some of it requires certain paperwork, and living in areas that are friendly to firearms and their owners.

Remember, this is stuff that is legal to own. There's tons of stuff out there that isn't legal to own. There's stuff in basements, safes and caches all over this country. The people shown here aren't even 1% of the firearms owners. They're a TINY fraction of the total number of KNOWN gun owners.

That's right.

There's people out there who have stuff brought back from wars, and recent ones at that too. We're not talking about that aging Japanese Nambu from World War II. People who have never bought anything where paperwork was generated, yet have some very cool toys.

And the government is scared. The bankers are scared. The elitists are scared. The so called Intelligentcia is overcome with despair. Those who desire complete and total control over the American people have wet their pants they're so scared.

Feinstein To Revive Gun Ban Laws

They're so scared they've taken to calling gun owners "racists".

Kind of stupid when you realize people of all races own firearms.

What do people do when they're scared?

They panic.

Have you ever given any thought about why we're being subjected to the continuous bombardment of fear based control?

The "See something. Say Something" campaign which has gone to extreme lengths to try and scare people since its inception in September of last year is nothing more than a propaganda machine Josef Goebels would be proud of.

The constant stories of attempted bombings which were, in all reality, conducted by the FBI and other government and local police agencies are in the spotlight while "real bombings" go unsolved. Most of us realize if we say to a cop, "I'm going to bomb the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony.", your three day pass comes to an end right then and there. It doesn't matter if you knew the guy was a cop or not or tell the authorities later, "It was just a joke."

There's no need to build a fake bomb and stage the planting of it, unless it is just for propaganda purposes. Really think about that. If you pick up a hooker and she turns out to be a cop, do you really get to &*%# her before you get arrested?

And I think planning a bombing is just a bit more serious than planning on getting laid.

I just said "real bombings". Remember the bombings of Chiron and Shaklee in the San Francisco Bay area back in 2003? Allegedly the work of animal rights groups, the FBI singled out one man as being the culprit. Daniel Andreas San Diego (no, I'm not making that name up) is now a wanted terrorist, but still free, kind of like Osama Bin Laden.

Wonder if they're hanging out in Tora Bora together.

How about the bombings of the recruiting office and Mexican Consulate? As far as I know, there have been no arrests. Just go and search for bombing episodes and you will find numerous unsolved bombing incidents over the past ten years. At least the Starbucks bombing was solved, what a relief!

It wasn't dogged police work that led to the capture. It was because the bomber couldn't keep his yap shut.

Now there was an "attempted" bombing of a MLK Day parade. It was defused. How convenient. Read the story and notice how it conjures up the ghosts of white supremacists and white separatists....ooooooh.....ScaRy!

Uh, it seems to me that most suspicious devices are detonated in place. Just go to your favorite search engine and type in "bomb detonated by bomb squad" and see what you get. Maybe something like this:


They're trying to scare you. They want you to be afraid of yourself, your friends, and your neighbors. Because there are more of us than there are of them.

The people everyone really needs to be wary of are promoting that fear through government channels and the media. Because there are more of us than there are of them.

They want to take away all of your rights, and make no mistake, every single one of your precious rights will go when the guns go. Because there are more of us than there are of them.

They want us divided and squabbling with little events like Tucson to foment dissent and distrust. Because there are more of us than there are of them.

The black clad, bullet RESISTANT vest wearing wanna-be ninja cops with their conga-line dynamic entries and their armored vehicles mean nothing. Because there are more of us than there are of them.

The national guard, the military, Black Water and other mercs training for domestic operations mean nothing. Because there are more of us than there are of them.

They can field every able man and woman loyal to the corrupt system, and have them armed with all the high tech gadgetry in the world, to try and take down an American public in revolt, and it won't matter.

Numbers don't lie.

They won't succeed.

Because there are more of us than there are of them.



Right on Catman!

Only 3% of the population stood and fought to bring this country into existence 235 years ago. The other 97% didnt fire a rifle.

Using that same ratio today and we found that over 9 MILLION+ people would do as our forefathers had done in fighting the British.

Add all the entire military and reserve units together. Add all the city,county,state and Federal law enforcement together with the military and still you come nowhere near the 9 MILLION.

Let me also ask you how many of the above group is going to support the illegal activities of our government and how many are going to refuse.

The higher ups can ordered it, but if it is an illegal order the foot troops will not obey that order.

Our government is scared since they have higly trained and used our boys and girls in modern warfare. Now they are afraid of what these people and others like them from other wars and conflicts have learned and could be used against them.

Why is our government afraid of its own people? Could it be what they are doing or have done is the reason for our anger? Happy-nappy Janet Napshit cannot fiqure out that the illegal activities of government personnel are causing the hatred, not a right wing gun toting conservative.

With each and every passing day more and more people are seeing what is really going on and they dont like it. Thanks to the Internet and all the blogs the real truth is coming out. Catman is 1000% correct when he says they are losing more and more control and getting scared about what could happen.

How would you like to be president and you asked people who supported you to show up in D.C. and only a handful showed up.

At the same time, a talk show host calls for a Million Man March on the White House and he has all of his friends show up as promised.

So forget about FEMA detention centers. They dont have the people to run them or to protect them from a crowd of 20,000 or more hell bent on going thru a fence to get a loved one or neighbor who has been illegally arrested or detained.

Forget about foreign troops being sent here too.(None of them want to fight us, we have too many weapons to use against them.) Besides, when the SHTF this will be hitting them at the same time in their countries. They will be staying home to protect their families and homes.

Dont be afraid of our government. They only think that they are in control when in reality it is us, the people who are still in control.

They are crying like babies because they got caught in the act of ripping us off. Let the names they call you fall off your back like water off of a duck's butt.

Stay down and hide in the tall grass, watching everything that they do. The time to come out, rise up and fight will be known to all. Hopefully the system will right itself and we can start arresting the people who have been working to destroy our country.

Keep your weapons clean and ready, keep your powder dry and stay out the range of their weapons. Dont give them a reason to point a weapon at you.

Most of all, relax a bit, we have them firmly by the nut sack and they know it.

Hear'em squealing.

Catman said...


Thank you for adding your thoughts! I really appreciate it.

Hope everyone considers your counsel.