Monday, January 3, 2011

Top 11 Trends of 2011 plus more!

Gerald Celente on the Steve Crowley Show, Dec 29, 2010

More fun ahead according to Gerald. I have to wonder exactly how accurate his predictions will prove to be for the coming year. If the below is any indication, maybe all too accurate.

Milwaukee Wisconsin was the scene of a riot, including reported gun fire, inside a mall. Stores were reportedly ransacked and customers were locked inside of Macy's and other stores for their safety.

Mayfair Mall closes early after tumult.

A toned down article.

Police: Shot fired Outside Mayfair Mall. Multiple Arrests Made

Of course, you have to keep the dollars flowing into corporate coffers.

Mall is "safe" according to mayor.

Did you know the government was releasing oil from the strategic reserves in order to calm down the public worried about oil shortages? Gasoline is at $3.50 a gallon, but that's not the issue.

Its cooking oil. China has a strategic reserve of cooking oil. Most kitchens in China do not have an oven, and nearly all cooking is done using some oil, mostly from Soybeans for the average Chinese consumer.

The Chinese are paying about the same as the American consumer for the same product. The average income for a Chinese worker is around $2700.00 per year for those living and working in a city, while rural workers earned just over $700.00. Source.

Compare those wages against American wages, even against Americans on unemployment, and one can see how quickly restive a population can become when food escalates rapidly out of reach.

Read more HERE.

With all of the weather related crop disasters, food is set to go up in price rapidly. Some are forecasting them to TRIPLE! (Source) Others are already calling for rationing of basic staples like corn. (Source)

Start adding to your supplies if you have the room and the budget for it.

European governments have started seizing private pensions. Read more HERE Obama's administration made noises about doing something similar last year, but backed off when it was clear the rustics were sharpening their pitchforks.

How long until the morally bankrupt leaders of our financially bankrupt nation opt for this stop gap is just a matter of time.

Hey, Obama! Wanna get some serious loot to prop up your illegitimate regime AND get you some brownie points at the same time?

Seize the assets of illegal aliens under the RICO Act. When there are corrupt foreign governments actively promoting the illegal entry of their citizens into this country (Source), it seems like its an open and shut case to me.

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